Bayston Hill – Cassey Directory of Shropshire 1871

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  1. Gillian Edwards says:

    Thankyou for posting this. I have been researching my husband’s family and one of the residents you have listed here (William Edwards) is his great grandfather. William’s 9th child Sidney (10 altogether!) migrated to New South Wales Australia. There are so many Edward’s in the district it has proved impossible via the internet (we are in tropical North Queensland!) to sort out any family connections but… our next trip will be to investigate Shropshire!

  2. marty shergold says:

    re edwards; shropshire, if you need rushton data, let me know, just had a scrounge on shropshire data, i have phillimores here ,contact me direct if you get stuck ….gillian…. in brisbane

    marty shergold

  3. marty shergold says:

    of all the families named Edwards in Shropshire I have taken a sampling for you….. There are more headaches with this than you realise. I would start by downloading every Edwards on Genes Reunited census for Shropshire which on some pages is about 400 entries. I took one sampling Charles Edwards b 1816 in Market Drayton with wife Ellen b 1816 of Market Drayton had a daughter Mary b 1838 and a son John b 1840. In 1851 Charles is outlined as b 1815 Broadlane and Ellen b 1817 b Hales both at Market Drayton. The children are absent. In 1861 John is listed as b 1839 Market Bosworth ? . The bmd suggests Charles Edwards died JUn 1853 Market Drayton 6a535 and his daughter Mary marries Mt Drayton in Jun 1856 6a1305. When comparing this with I G I we find that every person named Charles from United States Lancashire and a ton of other places marries Ellen about 75 listed…. No details are mentioned on Mary not in birth or marriage…… So we do know from the outset Mary marries either Mr Richard Adams or Charles Boulton. Why have I done this? Simply to demonstrate your pain but Gillian you must work backwards with precision from the latest defined census finding each bmd as you go, there are 37000 listings on bmd alone for edwards family in Shropshire. Also noted was a large concentration of Edwards in Bermondsey, and USA. Good luck girl and hope the cyclones dont knock out your internet connection or your frustration blows the roof off. Marty

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