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Volume III
Chelmarsh Marriage Register, 1754 – 1812

1754, July 14. John James, husbandman, and Anne Pritchards, by William Rutter, Vicr. (He signs till 1763.) W.- John Dudley, James Detton

1754, Sep. 22  29, Oct. 6. Banns published between Thomas Pountney and Susanna Nicholas.

1755, May 8. William Grainger, husbandman, and Anne Comby. W.- John Dudley, Edward Smith

1755, Aug. 10, 17, 24. Banns published between Thomas Felton and Joyce Smalman.

1758, May 21, 28, June 4. Banns published between John Stocking, the younger, and Anne Jefferis.

1758, July 9. George Dallow, the younger, labourer, and Elizabeth Garbett. W.- Christopher Maddens, Samuel Evans.

1758, Aug. 8. John Gibbons, of Worfield, b., and Sarah Parsons, Wid., lic. W.- Andw. Phillips, Christopher Southern.

1758, Nov. 20. John Stokes, of Highley, by and Joanna Jones, sp., lic. W.- John Dudley, Thomas Brown.

1758, Nov. 19, 26, Dec. 3. Banns published between William Evans and Sarah Kitson.

1759, Jan. 22. Christopher Maddocks, husbandman, and Elizabeth Gough, wid., lic. W.- James Shinton, Thomas Yates.

1759, Sep. 17. Samuel Jones, husbandman, and Elizabeth Hollins, wid. W. – Edw. Brown, Samuel Evans

1760, Feb. 12. William Elcock, wheelwright, and Joyce Lloyd, sp. W. – Tho. Lewis, John Dudley

1760, May 17. John Bennet, husbandman, and Sarah kitson, sp. W.- John Dudley, Samuel Evans.

1760, May 19. Samuel Wall, husbandman, and Sarah Sheinton, sp. W. – Nathaniel Porter, John Dudley.

1760, Nov. 11. Nathaniel Porter, Blacksmith, and Jane Pugh. wid. W.- John Dudley, Samuel Wall

1761, May 21. Richard Drapier, husbandman, and Elizabeth Horton, sp. W. – John Horton, John Dudley

1761, Oct. 12. Thomas Browne, blacksmith, and Sarah Davies. W. – Thomas Dallow, Samuel Evans

1761, Oct. 20. William Price and Mary Wood, lic. W.- Moses Edwards, Edw. Brown

1761, Nov. 15, 22, 29. Banns published between Edward Williams and Sarah Vaughan.

1762, Feb. 23. Daniel Far, Widower and husbandman, and Mary Rowley, of Middleton Scriven, lic. W. – George Russell, Luke Bennett

1762, May 18. Thomas Dallowe, milner, and Mary Grainger. W.- Samuel Evans, William Nours.

1762, Apr. 18. 25, May 2. Banns published between William Hayway, of C., and Mary Jordan, of Quatt.

1762, Oct. 20. Thomas Stockings, husbandman, and Sarah Smith, by Edwd. Evans, Curate. W. – Thomas Lewis, John Lewis

1762, Aug. 8, 15, 22. Banns published between Henry Porter and Elizabeth Horton.

1762, Aug. 8, 15, 22. Banns published between Edward Gears and Elizabeth Mitton.

1764, June 10, 24, July 1. Banns published between James Southall and Betty Hooper.

1764, July 2. Edward Pee, of Astley Abbots, and Mary Brown, by Jno. Harding, Curate. (He signs till 1765.) W. – Thomas Longmore, John Dudley

1764, Sep. 8.  Thos. Richards and Sarah Horton lic.  W. – William Elcock, John Dudley

1764, Nov. 18.  William Hughes and Sarah Burges.  W. – John Lewis, John Dudley

1765, Jan. 29.  Wm. Felton and Hannah Morris.  By W. White, Curate of Morvil.  W. – Henry Porter, John Dudley

1765, Apr. 21, 28, May 5.  Banns published between Thos. Brown of C., and Ann Dallow, of Worvill.

1765, June 4.  Henry Elcock and Susanna Elcock.  W. – Thomas Brown, John Dudley

1765, July 7.  Edward Howell, husbandman, and Mary Whitehall, lic. W. – Edw. Brown , John Dudley

1765, Sep. 29.  Edmund Waldron and Ann Tudge.  W. – Thos. Waldron, John Dudley

1765, Nov. 18.  Benjamin Elcock and Elizabeth Williams.  W. – Luke Bennett, John Dudley

1766, July 6,13, 20,  Banns published between Richard Detton, of C., and Elizabeth Walford, of St. Leonard’s, Bridgnorth.

1766, Aug. 31, Sep. 7, 14.  Banns published between William Rowley, of C., and Elizabeth Burrusson, of Pensax, co. Worcester

1766, Sep. 14, 21, 28.  Banns published between William Gough, of C., and Martha Bagley, of Sidbury.

1766, Dec. 29.  William Bennett and Grace Kempson.  Richd. Harrison, Curate (He signs till 1769).  W. – William Wood, Mary Addison

1767, May 11.  Richard George and Margaret Yates.  W. – William Yates, John Dudley.

1767, July 19.  William Clinton and Mary Child, W. – Thos. Stocken, John Dudley

1767, July 20.  Henry Pountney, of Highley, and Jane Millar. W. – George Loughton, John Dudley.

1768, Feb. 22.  George Steward, of Highley, and Sarah Lewis, lic., with consent of parents.  W. – Mary Steward, Willm. Jordan.

1768, Apr. 3, 10, 17.  Banns published between Edward Guest, of Wolverley, co. Worcester, and Elizabeth Detton.

1768, May 8.  George Goold and Mary Whitehouse.  W. – Job Whitehouse, Moses Edwards.

1768, May. 8.  Geoge Dallow and Agnes Davies.  W. Job Whitehouse, William Headley

1768, June 22.  William Bagley, of Barrow, and Mary Wall.  W. – Sarah Bagley, John Dudley

1769, Apr. 5.  William Dovey and Elizabeth Burgess.  W. – Ann Millichap, John Dudley

1769, June 25.  William Lateward and Mary Addison.  W. – Margt. Toldervy, Jno. Addison

1769, July 9.  James Jones and Nancy Lateward, lic.  W. – John Williams, Ann Jones

1769, July 2, 16, 23.  Banns published between John Williams of Glazeley, and Sarah Moone.

1770, May 2.  John Wall and Mary Draper.  By George Jones, Curate (He signs the next entry also).  W. – Hannah Hollens, John Dudley

1770, Oct. 27.  Samuel Elcock, of Quatford, and Mary Burgess.  W. – William Dovey, John Dudley

1771, Apr. 30.  Richard Higgs and Winifred Brown, By Geo. Nechell, Minister (He signs the next four entries).  W. – William Morris, John Dudley.

1771, Apr. 30.  Thomas Barker, of Billingsley, victualler, and Mary Williams.  W. – John Addison, Ann Jones.

1771, June 16.  John Horton and Elizabeth Oakley.  W. – Richard Draper, John Dudley.

1772, May 11.  Thomas Richards, widr., and Margery Hammonds.  W. – Thos. Hammonds, Catharine Mountford.

1772, Sep. 14.  James Morris and Joan Botfield.  W. – John Wall, John Dudley

1773, Sep. 26, Oct. 3, 10.  Banns published between Thos. Bennet, of C., and Martha Davies, of Actonround.

1774, May 4.  Richard Beman, husbandman, and Susanna Evans.  By Wm. Nichols, Curate. (He signs till 1801.)  W. – John Dudley, Wm. Morris.

1774, Aug. 8.  Cornelius Haston, collier, and Elizabeth Detton.  W. – J. Nichols, Jane Beech.