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Left Side From Droitwich Road

St. Stephen’s Boys’ Club

  1. Ewins Frederick, drayman
  2. Kingdom George, journeyman brewer
  3. Jones Edward, journeyman gardener
  4. Sprague Mrs. Elizabeth
  5. Boulter William, railway porter
  6. Void
  7. Styles Charles, j’man bricklayer
  8. Humphreys George, j’man painter
  9. Nash James, labourer
  10. Holden Herbert, labourer
  11. Brereton David, insurance agent
  12. Fowles Thomas, groom-gardener
  13. Oliver Mrs. Rosa, factory worker
  14. Hunt George, labourer
  15. Stallard Thomas, labourer
  16. Foxall & Company, gas meter makers
  17. Roberts Miss Alice, gloveress
  18. Cook Miss Janet, dressmaker
  19. Jones John, boiler maker
  20. Gardener George, labourer
  21. Knight Edward, farm bailiff
  22. Brown Henry, leather sorter
  23. Hill Alfred, labourer
  24. Heritage J. T., letter carrier
  25. Wilesmith Arthur, labourer
  26. Ferris Percy, insurance agent

Here Is Ombersley Road


  1. Jones Mrs. Maria
  • Plum Edwin, j’man gardener
  • Holmes William, labourer
  • Bishop Thomas Albert, insurance agent
  • Moule Miss Emma, laundress
  • Young Alfred, cab driver
  • Jones George, lodge keeper
  • Morgan Montrose John, bricklayer
  • Tarrant Henry, labourer
  • Taylor John, drayman
  • Tyler Robert A., hop agent
  • Instan Wm. George, j’man carpenter

House void

Parkfield Terrace – Burbridge Wm. Thos., j’man carpenter

Parkfield Terrace – Farley Alfred, labourer

Parkfield Terrace – Philpot Mrs. Elizabeth, apartments

Parkfield Terrace – Stanton William H., journeyman coachbuilder

Parkfield Terrace – Void

Parkfield Terrace – Cole Edwin, machinist

Parkfield Terrace – Jeavons Robt. Arth., j’man carpntr.

Parkfield Terrace – Tombs Josiah, grocer and j’man carpenter

Here Is Droitwich Road

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

History of Barbourne: And the Early Development of North Worcester
by Claire Wardle (Author), Terry Wardle (Author)

The first ever account of the history of Barbourne, now Worcester’s northern suburb, but an entirely separate area for much of its 1100 plus years of recorded history. The book takes Barbourne’s story from earliest times to the second world war, and includes more than 140 illustrations, many never published before.