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Right Side From Gregory’s Mill Street

S. Stephen’s Cots. – Russell John, china pntr.

S. Stephen’s Cots. – Bevan George, traveller

  1. Jones John, labourer
  2. Nind George, gas worker
  3. Kettle James Thomas, labourer
  4. Abell Mrs. Martha
  5. Page Samuel, labourer
  6. Pritchard James, soldier
  7. Gould Mrs. Phoebe, lodgings
  8. Andrews Mrs. Jane
  9. Macready John, glover
  10. Long William George, sauce bottler
  11. Baker Mrs.
  12. Barry Philip, journeyman tailor
  13. Clarke William, labourer
  14. Clarke Mrs. Mary, laundress
  15. Davis Harry, labourer
  16. Rudge Frank, drayman
  17. Joiner Albert, journeyman saddler
  18. Yarnold William, labourer
  19. Cotton William, j’man leather dresser
  20. Jenkins Mrs. Edith
  21. Void

Here Is Crown Street


  1. Burston William, labourer
  • Potter William, journeyman blacksmith
  • Tooze William Joseph, carter
  • Sefton Frank, tramcar driver
  • Pullen George, journeyman painter

Here Is Gregory’s Mill Street

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

History of Barbourne: And the Early Development of North Worcester
by Claire Wardle (Author), Terry Wardle (Author)

The first ever account of the history of Barbourne, now Worcester’s northern suburb, but an entirely separate area for much of its 1100 plus years of recorded history. The book takes Barbourne’s story from earliest times to the second world war, and includes more than 140 illustrations, many never published before.