St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Marriages 1753 to 1755


Jan. 27. Samuel Randle & Mary Cooke both of this parish. B.

Jan. 6. William Fluett of St. Clements & Hannah Surman of Pirton. B. marrd. at St. Michaels, St. Clements being flooded. Edwd. Taylor, Minr.

Feb. 10. Richard Smith of Bengeworth & Eliz. Day of Pinvin. L.

Feb. 17. William Stone of Martley & Sarah Gumery of Broadwas. B. by Mr. Miles.

Feb. 24. Thos. Price & Mary Moreton both of Churchill. L.

Mch. 6. John Smith & Margaret Barnes both of Holy Cross Pershore. L.

Apr. 5. James Howman & Anne Tolley both of Hartlebury. L.

Apr. 19. John Gibbons of St. Chadds in Shrewsbury & Eliz. Clarke of Birtsmorton in this county. L.

Apr. 21. William Walker of Holy Cross Pershore & Eliz. Coles of St. Johns. L.

Apr. 28. Thomas Lavender of Hartlebury & Margaret Beech of Mitton. L.

Apr. 28. Abraham Crump of Salwarp & Winifred Morris of Dormston. L.

May 25. Edward Berry of Whitborn in diocese of Hereford & Ann Hunt of Broadwas in dioc. Of Wor. B. by Mr. Miles.

June 9. Arthur Ellis of Much Marcle co. Hereford & Jane Holder of St. Swithun in City of Worcester. L.

June 13. James Willcox of Claries & Mary Fellott of this parish. B.

July 2. Thomas Pitt & Elizabeth Coates both of Kidderminster. L.

July 7. John Joines of Defford & Sarah Hawkes of Upton. L.

Sep. 22. John Stanton of Claines & Sarah Walsgrove of White Lady Aston. L.

Oct. 1. Henry Thomas & Catherine Cockshett both of Birtsmorton. L.

Nov. 1. Richard Stinton of St. Peters in Droitwich & Mary Stanton, of same. L.

Nov. 10. Thomas Perkins & Elizabeth Checkett both of Holy Cross in Pershore. L.

Nov. 12. John Furnall & Elizabeth Stone both of Warndon. L.

Nov. 29. Edward Leek & Sarah Jones both of St. Nicholas in Droitwich. L.

Dec. 7. William Linton of St. Michael in Bedwardine & Sarah Evett of the Tything of Whistones in Claines. L.

Dec. 25. Joseph Wilkinson & Anne Taylor both of St. Peters in Worcester. L.

Dec. 29. Jeston Cooper of Great Wittley & Anne Pickernell of Little Wittley. L.


Jan. 1. Edward Philips of Cotheridge & Ann Munn of Broadwas by Mr. Miles. B.

Feb. 19. William Pain & Elizabeth Powell both of Upton upon Severn. L.

Feb. 24. William Weaver & Ann Bibb both of Areley. L.

Feb. 24. Joseph Avery on Sarah Prescott both of Hanbury. L.

Mch. 23. Thomas Quick & Deborah Whitehall both of Hallow. L.


(1755. Probably an error for 1754, though Georgii 2di. Anno 28 is added)

Apr. 14. James Smith & Betty Gowers. L.

May 28. Christopher Harton & Catherine Bennett. B.

June 1. Joseph Harris & Susanna Evett. L.

July 15. Samuel Martin & Amphillis Pratt. L.

July 30. John Dews & Esther Vaughton. L.

Nov. 22. John Morgan & Sarah Perkins. L.

Nov. 22. John Bradley & Elizabeth Blizzard.

“See a marriage Register Book from the year 1754 in pursuance of an Act of Parliament passed in the 26th. year of King George the third. Which Restrictions commence from 25th March 1754.”

END of Record of Marriages in first register book.

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