St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Marriages 1750 to 1752


Mch. 25. Joseph Dovey & Anne Dovey of Hampton-Lovett. L.

Apr. 16. Lewin Bing & Anne Kineton of Broadwas by Mr. Miles. B.

Apr. 16. Richard Clay & Mary Holland both of Bushley. L.

Apr. 9. Thomas Cother of Eckington co. & diocese of Worcester & Alice Boulter of same parish. L.

May 16. James Yates & Elizabeth Haywood of Hanbury, L.

Edward Taylor, Minr.

June 1. Samuel Evans & Mary Spencer both of Holy Cross in Pershore. L.

June 25. Joshua Collier of Suckley & Mary Pilliner of Bromyard. L.

July 23. John Crundel of Over Arely & Mary Jones of Kidderminster. L.

Aug. 27. William Phipps & Mary Price of Tardebigg. L.

Sep. 22. John Burton & Eleanor Hall of Suckley. L.

Sep. 26. John Sidoway of Elmley Lovett & Elizabeth Walker of Bromsgrove. L.

Sep. 28. John Bray & Mary Moorley of Castlemorton. L.

Oct. 8. Richard Greaves & Hannah Lewis both of Shrawley. L.

Oct. 15. Matthew Yeomans & Elizabeth Portman both of Suckley. L.

Oct. 16. Thos. Hill of Martley & Mary Spencer of Ombersley. L.

Oct. 29. Richard Rawlins of Great Hampton & Frances Bickerton, of Henly Castle. L.

Nov. 28. Thomas Arnway & Elizabeth Vaughan both of St. Clements in Worcester. By Mr. Hughes.

Edward Taylor, Minr.

Nov. 10. Richard Bromley of Wichbold & Mary Maris of Throckmorton. L.

Nov. 27. Thomas Randle & Anne Hill of Severn Stoke. L.

Dec. 24. William Barley & Anne Scrivin both of Grafton Flyford. L.

Feb. 4. John Oliver of Ribbsford & Mary Smeethes of Stoke Prior. L.

Feb. 11. Richard Aston & Anne Cooper of Powick. L.

Jun. 26. Henry Turner & Elizabeth Marshall of Hadsor. L.


Apr. 1. Samuell Hollins of Cleobury in Salop & Frances Lawrence of St. Peters co. Worcester. L.

Apr. 1. John Hand of Martley & Anne Bullock of St. Peters in Worcester. L.

Apr. 12. Thomas Gwinnell & Elizabeth Martin both of this parish. L. in St. Clements Church.

Apr. 13. William Panting & Elizabeth Hussey both of Upton upon Severn. L.

Apr. 18. Samuel Nayer & Elizabeth Hemus both of Ombersley. L.

Apr. 20. William Clemens & Anne Moore both of Little Comberton. L.

May 19. Robert Watts & Mary Davis both of this parish. B.

May 24. Edward Spooner & Elizabeth Fitters both of Crowl. L.

May 25. Richard Dovey of Cradley Co. Hereford & Elizabeth Hemming of Mathorn . L.

May 29. William Brasher of Belbroughton & Elizabeth Guest of Kings Norton. L.

May 29. Samuel Southall & Mary Free both of Kidderminster. L.

May 31. Joseph Mason & Joanna Bennitt both of Tardebigg. L.

June 1. Richard Bayliss & Hester Scriven both of Severn Stoke. L.

June 4. Richard Dobbs & Mary Hart both of Hanley Castle. L.

June 8. James Wargen of Severn Stoke & Anne Tandy of White Lady Aston. L.

June 15. Thomas Hunting of Cowl & Sarah Pardoe of Kemsey. L.

June 15. Richard Rogers otherwise Morrice of Martley & Mary Hacokes of Lulsley. L.

June 18. John Dutton & Mary Pursall both of Powick. L.

June 22. John Edwards & Jane Potter both of Lower Areley. [L. ?]

June 26. Thomas Jeens & Elizabeth Fewtrell both of Norton, near Bredon. L.

June 28. Joseph Maddox & Margarette Salley both of this parish. B.

July 1. John Sillcock of All Saints & Mary Soule of St. Clements. L.

July 15. John Tresar & Anne – – – both of this parish. B.

July 20. Josiah Edwards & Mary Sanders both of Great Shelsley. L.

July 24. Samuel Perkins & Sarah Holt both of Stourbridge in the parish of Old Swinford. L.

July 30. John Burch & Martha White both of Hartlebury. L.

Aug. 3. John Bennitt of Earls Cromb & Mary Stokes of Hanley Castle. L.

Aug. 13. Joseph Roberts of St. Johns & Mary Child of Broadwas. B. by Mr. Miles.

Aug. 21. Henry Chance & Elizabeth Redding both of this parish. L. at St. Clements Church.

Sep. 12. Richard Winter of the City of London & Sarah Williams of Kidderminster. L.

Sep. 21. Joseph Drinkwater & Mary Burford both of Longdon. L.

Sep. 27. Edward Maddox & Anne Bradshaw both of Hadsor. L.

Sep. 30. Benjamin Winnwood of St. Johns & Elizabeth Bullock of College Precincts. B.

Oct. 2. Richard Jones of Himbleton & Elizabeth Pinchey of Claynes. L.

Oct. 12. Joseph Knell & Elizabeth Maysey both of Suckley. L.

Oct. 21. John Ball of Kyre Wire & Eleanor Collier of St. Swithuns. L.

Oct. 27. Benjamin Child & Elizabeth Hallard both of Broadwas. B. by Mr Miles.

Nov. 9. John Knott & Hannah Smith both of Hallow. L.

Nov. 14. William Kennard of St. Andrew & Margarett Husey of this parish. L.

Nov. 16. Hugh Price & Mary Randle both of Ombersley. L.

Nov. 27. John Ewins of Hampton Magna & Susanna Holland of Cropthorne. L.

Nov. 30. William Olives & Mary [Taylor ?] both of Feckenham. L.

Dec. 7. Edward Powell of North Piddle & Anne Tushingham of Stock & Bradley. L.

Mch. 8. John Harriss of St. Nicholas & Eliz. Higgins of this parish. B.


Apr. 7. Peter Yeates & Elizabeth Hodges both of this parish. B.

Apr. 8. Thomas Doughty & Mary Hill both of St. Johns in Bedwardine. L.

Apr. 23. William Holyhead & Mary Cartwright both of Broadwas. B.

May 6. Shadrack Clinton & Frances Hanbury both of St. Andrew in Droitwich. L.

June 15. William Battersby of St. Andrew & Margaret Steadman of this parish. L.

June 21. John Marriott of this parish & Mary Holt of the Collegde precincts. B.

June 24. John Parry of this parish & Anne Hitchcott of Stoke Prior. L.

July 23. William Stanhope & Sarah Hughson both of Holy Cross in Pershore. L.

July 25. John Tawnny of Maddresfield & Sarah Freeman Horniblow of Severn Stoke. L.

Aug. 25. John Voyer & Lucy Dipple both of this parish. B.

Sep. 19. John Gunner & Elizabeth Ellins both of Holy Cross in Pershore. L.

Oct. 7. Peter Perkins & Elizabeth Detheridge both of St. Andrew in Pershore. L.

Oct. 12. William Shaw of Mathon co. Worcester & Margarett Collins of Sherrington co. of Gloucester. L.

Oct. 13. John Smith of Credley co. Hereford & Anne Pengrey of Hanley Castle co. Worcester. L.

Oct. 17. Samuel Arnold of Castle Moreton & Mary Meek of Eastnor co. Hereford. L.

Oct. 21. Edward Banner & Hester Tandy both of Severn Stoke. L.

Oct. 21. Phillip Mathews & Anne Dunne both of Mitton in parish of Hartlebury. L.

Oct. 23. Edward Tomlins of St. Peter & Sarah Perkes of thin parish. L.

Oct. 26. John Pedley & Margarett Southern both of All Saints. L.

Oct. 28. Thomas Etheridge & Elizabeth Gardner both of Ombersley. L.

Nov. 4. John Simmonds of Powick & Mary Morris of Sned in Salop. L.

Nov. 4. William Jones & Anne Shinn both of Great Malvern. L.

Nov. 8. Benjamin Jones of Bromsgrove & Phebe Horton of Cofton Hackett. L.

Nov. 18. Thomas Brettle of Bromfield in Salop & Elizabeth Hadley of this parish. L.

Nov. 18. Edward Turner & Margarett Dovey both of Mathon. L.

Nov. 25. Edward Biddlestone of Severn Stoke & Esther Bennett of Earls Cromb. L.

Dec. 23. William Fifield & Elizabeth Cole both of Throckmorton. L.


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