St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Marriages 1748 to 1749


Apr. 2. Thomas Stephens & Sarah Gold both of Grafton Flyford. L.

Apr. 30. Thomas Hurdman & Mary Burraston both of Lulsley. L.

May 24. Thomas Colebatch ‘Castle’ & Anne White of Fladbury. B.

Thomas Smith, Minister.

June 11. Edward Colley of Whitburne Herefordshire & Elizabeth Badham of Martley Worcestershire. L.

June 23. Thomas Roberts & Elizabeth Reynolds both of Strensham. L.

July 9. John Thrapp of Shrawley & Sarah Reynolds of Grimley. L.

July 12. George Rickards of Breedon & Alice Smith of Pirton. L.

Sep. 10. Edward Baker & Hannah Liddell both of Bromsgrobe [sic]. L.

Aug. 30. John Griffin & Elizabeth Nicholls both of Hartlebury. L.

Sep. 18. John Bennitt & Anne Leage both of this parish. B.

Oct. 22. John May of Hampstead in Berkshire, a soldier, & Mary Meats of Holt, Worcestershire. L.

Oct. 31. William Aston of Birmingham & Sarah Poole of King’s Norton. L.

Nov. 8. Thomas Shipman of this parish Bridewell & Elizabeth Willis of Rock. B.

Nov. 22. Thomas Wooldridge & Anne Panting both of this parish of St. Michael, B. in the Bishop’s Chapel at the Palace.

Dec. 3. Charles Oakley of the Berrow & Anne Hartland of Mathon. L.

Feb. 6. Thomas Munsloe of Norton by Kempsey & Priscilla Handley of Spetchly. L.

Feb. 6. William Crump of Lenchwick & Mary Emms of Great Hampton. L.

Mch. 12. John Bowing of this parish & Hannah Porter of the Precincts of the College. B.

Mch. 18. Thomas Day & Sarah Lyes of Strensham. L.

The. Smith, Minr.


June 10. Richard Holland of Astely & Hester Wittingslow of Arley Kings. L.

July 1. John Wancklen & Hannah Smith both of this parish. B.

July 21. Wm. Minchin of Himbleton & Eliz. Attwood of St. Peters, in Droitwich. L.

Sep. 16. Thomas Aldridge of Martley & Eliza. Knowles of Great Witley. L.

Oct. 21. Richard Rudge & Catherine Budd both of St. Clements in Wor. L.

Nov. 5. Edmund Amiss & Mary Higgins both of this parish. L.

Nov. 13. Charles Howard & Jane Speed both of this parish. B.

Nov. 21. Samuel Coopstick & Eliz. Oliver both of Broadwas. B. by Mr. Miles.

Dec. 5. Moses Cowley & Elizabeth Lightburn both of Ombersley. L.

Dec. 12. Giles Grimmitt & Ann Pitt both of Longdon by Mr. Smith. L.

Jan. 1. Thomas Moule & Elizabeth Bromley both of Dodderhill. L.

Jan. 6. Richard Pritchard & Ann Hill both of Martley. L.

Jan. 10. Edward Cardee of Stourbridge co. Worcester & Diana Skidmore of Amblwat co. Stafford. L.

Feb. 2. George Barnett of Maddresfield co. Worcester & Ann Hartle of Bromsgrove co. aforesaid. L.

Edward Taylor, Minr.

Feb. 8. James Forrester & Elizabeth Powel both of St. Andrews in Worcester. L.

Feb. 12. Joseph Perrins & Rachel Daw both of Kidderminster. L.

Feb. 17. William Watkins & Hannah Nott both of this parish. B.

Mch. 6. James Birch of St. Helens in Worcester & Elisabeth Powel of St. Nicholas in Worcester. L.

Mch. 9. John Viner of Cromb Dabitot & Ann Waller of same. L.

Mch. 24. William Bellamy & Elizabeth Potter both of Kidderminster. L.


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