St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Burials 1810 to 1812


Jan. 3. Sally Green, a child

Jan. 12. Charles Digby Smith, aged 15 years

Jan. 14. Joseph Potten, a beedesman of the Cathedral

Jan. 28. Mary Norris Wilkie, a child

Mch. 5. Elizabeth Davis

Mch. 11. Ann Bruce

Mch. 19. Elizabeth Stinton, a child

Mch. 20. George Harris, a child

Mch. 25. George Pardoe, a child

Apr. 6. Thomas Allen, a child

May 11. Samuel Payne

June 4. Elizabeth Roberts

June 21. William Clarke, son of the Rector

July 9. Mary Baylis

July 15. Thomas Anstee, a child

Sep. 4. Ann Matilda Need, a child

Sep. 6. Phoebe Hobbs, a child

Sep. 20. Sarah Hobbs, a child

Sep. 27. Ann Edwards

Sep. 27. Mary Mayer

Sep. 30. Harriott Green, a child

Nov. 7. Rebecca Williams, a child

Nov. 7. Lydia Williams, a child

Nov. 18. Sophia Williams, a child

Nov. 21. William Andrews

Nov. 23. Thomas Pardoe, a child

Nov. 28. Joseph Mitchell

Nov. 28. Ann Field, a child

Dec. 1. Caroline Helm

Dec. 2. Elizabeth Eaton, a child

Dec. 7. Elizabeth Baker

Dec. 12. William Broughton, a child

Dec. 30. William Matthews Marks, a child

Transmitted to the Registry


Jan. 4. Ann Clarke, a child

Jan. 11. William Marigold, a child

Jan. 20. Elizabeth Inight, a child

Jan. 28. Frederick Wilks, a child

Feb. 6. John Philips

Mch. 15. Ann Brown

Mch. 20. Ann Skinner

Mch. 25. Archibald Duncan

Apr. 3. John Pitt, a child

Apr. 8. Robert Birbeck, a child

Apr. 30. Mary Tranter Ann Need, a child

May 14. Phoebe Bond

May 19. Hannah Reeks, a child

May 19. Sarah Dovey, a child

June 25. Susanna Bourne, a chid

June 26. John Meyrick

July 24. David Davis, a child

Aug. 10. Mary Dovey

Aug. 18. John Cole, a child

Aug. 30. Thomas Webbe, a child

Sep. 11. Henry Smith, a child

Sep. 16. Margaret Brown, from St. Peter’s Parish

Oct. 29. Mary Osborn, from St. Peter’s Parish

Nov. 17. Elizabeth Webb, a child

Dec. 30. Sarah Done, from St. Peter’s Parish

Transmitted to the Registry


Jan. 12. Mary Lloyd, from St. Peter’s

Jan. 23. John Day

Feb. 11. George Harris, atty. At Law.

Feb. 12. James Brown from St. Peter’s parish

Feb. 17. Joseph Helm from St. John’s parish

Apr. 16. Mary Axwell, a child

May 15. Thomas Henry Wheeler, an infant

May 12. Mary Long

May 29. Sarah Whitehouse at St. Oswalds.

Jure 5. Elizabeth Francis

June 12. Robert Ackrill, jnr. from St. Peter’s parish

June 16. Edward Jones

June 23. Mary Petters, an infant

July 20. Elizabeth Green

July 31. Mary Simmans from Claines

Aug. 9. John Ainsworth

Sep. 7. Marry Perry

Sep. 20. Martha Jackson, an infant

Oct. 6. Thomas Green.

Oct. 24. Sarah Sheerwood, a child

Oct. 28. Anne Field, a child

Nov. 11. Richard Wight

Dec. 7. Martha Hatfield

Dec. 24. John Hannaford

So far transmitted to the Registry.

Thomas Clarke, Rector.

This register book discontinued by Act of Parliament Jan. 1st. 1813.

End of record of Burials in 2nd. Register book.


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