St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Burials 1807 to 1809


Jan. 4. Mary Smith

Jan. 18. Mary Coulston, a child

Jan. 23. John Lamb, a child

Feb. 18. Elizabeth Sidaway, a child, from the Bridewell

Feb. 20. George Hill

Mch. 11. Henry Pingree, a child

Mch. 18. James Stephens, a child from the Bridewell

Mch. 22. Thomas Burford, a child from the Bridewell

Apr. 3. Mary Ann Grove, a child

Apr. 7. Margaret Rea

Apr. 16. Charlotte Clarke, youngest d. of the Rector

June 24. Sarah Cope, a child

July 17. Charlotte Taylor

July 29. John Scott, out of St. Helens Parish

Sep. 10. Charlotte Crockett, a child

Sep. 22. Nathaniel Bond, aged 17 years.

Oct. 11. Elizabeth Rawbone, a child

Nov. 4. Elizabeth Thomason

Nov. 14. William Shipley

Nov. 24. Elizabeth Powell, a child

Nov. 28. Samuel Simmans, a lay clerk of the Cathedral

Dec. 13. George Crowther

Dec. 14. Elizabeth Dooding, a child

So far transmitted to the Registry


Feb. 2. Elizabeth Crane

Feb. 26. William Hobbs, a child

Mch. 11. Mary Morgan, an infant

May 4. Ann Walker

May 7. Christian Wall

May 22. John Morgan, a child

June 8. Edward Edwards

June 24. Ann Tolly, a child

Aug. 4. Mary Ann Need, a child

Aug. 7. John Jauncey

Aug. 24. John Williams, a child

Aug. 31. Mary Tolly, a child

Sep. 2. Thomas Hardwick

Sep. 6. Mary Lane, a child

Sep. 11. Thomas Meers

Nov. 8. Elizabeth (Bauldren deleted Baldwin. N.B. The first name was enter’d by mistake of the Clerk. Thomas Clarke. Rector.

Dec. 7. Samuel Haswell at St. Oswalds

So far transmitted to the Registry


Feb. 15. Elizabeth Davis

Apr. 5. Richard Incell

May 28. Mary Dooding

June 15. Elizabeth Done, a child

June 23. Ann Vaughan

July 16. Richard Harper

Aug. 11. John Griffiths

Aug. 27. Elizabeth Edhington

Oct. 15. Sarah Mathews

Oct. 21. Barbara Thewles

Nov. 8. Thomas Rawbone, a child

Nov. 15. Elizabeth Noxon

Nov. 26. Aurelia Maund, a child at St. Oswalds

Dec. 17. Henry Grove, a child

So far transmitted to the Registry.

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