St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Burials 1803 to 1806


Feb. 13. Mary Mullings

Mch. 6. Ophelia Phillips, a child.

Mch. 29. Anne Day.

June 8. Frances Clifton, a child.

July 15. Thomas Pitt.

July 24. Sarah Pope.

Nov. 25. Charles Walker, a child.

Dec. 5. Mary Welles.

Transmitted to the Registry.


June 3. James Hobbes, a child.

Sep. 11. Samuel Smith

Sep. 24. Catherine Gedies.

Oct. 1. Charles Teach, a child at St. Oswalds.

Nov. 4. Esther Thomas.

Dec. 26. Fredrick Hardwick, a child.

Mem: So far transmitted to the Registry.


Jan. 7. Sarah Sheate.

Jan. 24. Thomas Hardwick, a child.

Feb. 10. James Smith, a child, at St. Oswalds.

Feb. 18. John Moore.

Mch. 3. Thomas Lewis.

Apr. 26. Edgar Heath, a child.

May 27. Ann Wilkes, at St. Oswalds.

June 9. Thomas Asbury.

June 12. Diana Heath.

July 17. John Parker.

Aug. 25. Matthias Gaskin.

Aug. 30. Thomas Brennan, from the Castle.

Sep. 8. George Munslow.

Oct. 11. Ann Radcliffe.

Oct. 27. William Gwinnell.

Oct. 21. Catherine Williams.

Nov. 14. Frances Ann Cope.

N.B.: So far transmitted to the Registry.


Jan. 27. William Edgington, a child.

Mch. 12. Joseph Mitchell, at St. Oswalds.

Apr. 6. Naomi Maund, a child at St. Oswalds.

Apr. 17. Maria Bettington, a child.

May 4. Ann Burdin, a child, at St. Oswalds.

May 11. Elizabeth Day.

May 20. Elizabeth Haycock, from the Bridewell.

May 25. Harriott Hardwick, a child, 14 yrs.

July 3. Mary Ann Bettington, a child.

July 9. Jane Johnson.

Sep. 14. James Field, a child.

Sep. 14. Thomas Hardwick, a child.

Oct. 5. Martha Brazier, a child.

Oct. 26. Mary Ann Dovey, a child.

Nov. 11. Susanna Hodges.

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