St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Burials 1800 to 1802


Jan. 8. Ann Hobbs, a child.

Jan. 9. Sarah Leland, at St. Oswalds.

Jan. 13. Joseph Hodges, from the Castle.

Jan. 21. Edward Hardwick, a child.

Jan. 26. Rebecca Smith.

Feb. 18. Ann Reeks.

Feb. 19. James Yeates.

Feb. 21. Ann Hardwick, a child.

Mch. 10. Joseph Simms.

May 20. Esther Lashford, a child.

May 22. John Paine, a child.

May 25. Mary Wall Yarnold, a child.

June 19. Daniel Westwood.

July 20. Mary Stokes.

Aug. 3. Henry Clifton, an infant 15 days old.

Aug. 9. Samuel Paine, from the Castle.

Aug. 22. Elizabeth Forest.

Sep. 25. Harriot Freame, an infant.

Oct. 4. Robert Davis.

Oct. 17. Tabitha Davis, widow of a late sexton of the Cathedral.

Oct. 19. Elizabeth Lamb.

Oct. 31. Joseph Brydges an infant from Bridewell.

Nov. 2. Martha Baylis.

Nov. 6. Sarah Pritchett.

Dec. 3. Frances Faulkner.

Dec. 6. Thomas Bourne from the Castle.

Dec. 8. Thomas Millard, an infant.

Dec. 19. Ann Anderson, a child.


Jan. 20. Jeremiah Powls, a child from the workhouse.

Jan. 26. William Anderson, a child.

Jan. 30. Thomas Smith, a child.

Feb. 3. Ann Moore.

Feb. 15. Ann New, a child at the New churchyard.

Mch. 3. Ann Jackson, a child.

Mch. 5. Mary Skyrme.

Mch. 11. James Rice.

Mch. 12. Samuel Alden Rogers, a child.

Mch. 22. Ann Ball, a child.

Apr. 5. Henry Est, a child from Bridewell

Apr. 8. Edward Thewtes.

Apr. 9. Ann Reeks, a child. Apr. 9. Rebecca Reeks, a child – Sisters.

Apr. 12. Mary Mitchell.

Apr. 15. Charlotte Pitt.

Apr. 20. Elizabeth Tombs, a child.

Apr. 21. Barnaby Langdale, a child.

May 4. Sophia Williams, a child.

May 17. Charles Savage, a child at St. Oswalds.

May 21. William Day, a child.

May 22. Hannah Mitchell.

June 20. James Francis, a child.

June 21. Ann Clifton, a child.

June 29. Benjamin Worron, from the Castle.

July 4. John Clarke, from the Castle.

July 6. Thomas Smith, a child.

Sep. 10. Elizabeth Knight, a child at St. Oswalds.

Sep. 12. Zachariah Kingett.

Oct. 6. Mary Grove.

Nov. 27. Mary Clifton, wife of Moses, at St. Oswalds.

Nov. 29. James Heartley, from the Castle.

Transmitted to the Registry.


Jan. 3. George Brown.

Jan. 20. Paul Heynes, from the Castle.

Feb. 14. Joseph Francis.

Feb. 28. John Green.

Mch. 7. Elizabeth Yeals, at St. Oswalds.

Mch. 10. Eleanor Walsh, a child.

Mch. 14. Elizabeth Moore, a child.

Mch. 30. William Bond, a child.

Apr. 18. Henry Hardwick, a child.

Apr. 26. William Clifton, a child.

Apr. 28. John Vernall, a child.

July 20. John Clarke, eldest son of the Rector.

Aug. 12. William Pingree, a child.

Oct. 10. Elizabeth Pitt.

Transmitted to the Registry.


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