St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Burials 1796 to 1799


Jan. 1. James Williams, in the new church yard.

Jan. 12. Elizabeth Staples. A child.

Jan. 16. Mary Edginton, a child.

Mch. 29. Humphrey Brasier, a child.

Apr. 26. Edward Fowler.

Apr. 29. Mary Bywater, at St. Oswald’s, a child.

May 10. John Devenhill, at St. Oswald’s.

May 11. James Yeals at St. Oswald’s, a child.

June 3. Harriott Lucas, a child.

June 10. Henry Basford, a child.

June 29. Susanna Cox, from the Castle, a child.

July 15. Elizabeth Williams.

Aug. 6. John Haycock, from the Castle.

Aug. 25. Ann Price.

Sep. 16. Thomas Hardwick, a child.

Sep. 19. Sarah Yarnold.

Sep. 30. Sarah Whitehouse, from the Castle.

Oct. 23. Ann Hardwich, a child.

Nov. 11. John Browning.

Transmitted to the Registry.

Nov. 14. Joseph Frances, a child.

Nov. 17. Elizabeth Salmon.

Dec. 4. Edmund Moore, a child.

Dec. 30. John Hayward, a child.


Jan. 15. John Maurice at St. Oswalds.

Feb. 1. William Overton from the Castle.

Feb. 12. John Mullins, a beadsman of the Cathedral.

Mch. 2. Ruth Vobes from the Infirmary.

Mch. 10. Mary Hardwick, a child.

June 8. Elizabeth Wilmore from the Workhouse.

June 11. Mary Ann Moore, a child.

July 14. Charlotte Clemmin.

July 29. Eliza Ann Jackson, a child.

Aug. 6. John Hardwick, a child.

Aug. 7. John Bateman, at St. Oswalds.

Nov. 6. Jeremiah Smith.

Dec. 11. Edward Jeal, a child.

Dec. 19. Mary Hayward, a child.


Jan. 21. Ann Gaskins.

Jan. 21. James Dowding, a child.

Feb. 11. Susanna Miller.

Mch. 14. Charles Pratt, a twin, infant.

Mch. 29. Thomas Millard, a child.

Apr. 3. Charlotte Bond, a child.

May 13. Susanna Davis.

May 13. Henry Baldwin, a child.

June 17. Fanny Hodnight.

July 9. Ann Duncan.

Aug. 23. John Hobbs, a child.

Aug. 29. William Bishop, a porter of the Cathedral.

Nov. 26. Maela Hardwick, a child.

Dec. 4. William Andrews, a child.

Dec. 6. Ann knight, at St. Oswald’s, a child.


Jan. 29. James Hill, a soldier, in the new burying ground.

Feb. 1. Thomas Ward from the Castle.

Feb. 12. Catherine Cradock.

Mch. 10. William Grennal.

Mch. 28. Elizabeth Moore.

Mch. 31. John Vernall.

May 12. Thomas Hill.

May 16. Elizabeth Pound.

May 26. Elizabeth Wilkes, a child.

June 2. William Bond, a child.

Aug. 21. David Williams.

Sep. 18. Ann Bishop, widow of the above William.

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