St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Burials 1792 to 1795


Jan. 25. Francis Jeal, a child.

Feb. 4. Mary Hathaway, at St. Oswalds, a child.

Feb. 17. James Haywood, a child.

Feb. 21. John Slade, a child.

Feb. 23. Thomas Johnson, at St. Oswalds.

Feb. 27. Elizabeth Dickson, a child.

Apr. 1. Jane Morgan.

Apr. 4. William Smith, father of Revd. D. Smith, Minr. of this parish, aged 83.

July 31. Ann Ball.

Aug. 2. Elizabeth Jobson, from the Bridewell, a pauper.

Sep. 26. Thomas Robinson.

So far sent in to the Collector of Taxes.

Dec. 20. John Lowe, from the Bridewell.


Feb. 27. Ann Car.

Mch. 13. Mary Griffith.

Apr. 16. Ann Stinton, a child.

May 15. George Lewis Wharam, a child.

June 11. Hannah Basford, a child.

June 27. Eleanor Lench.

July 13. Ann Arnold, widow of a former minister of this parish.

Aug. 20. Sarah Gwinnell.

Aug. 31. Louisa Smith, a child, d. of Revd. D. Smith, Minister of this parish aged 1 yr. 10 m.

Sep. 17. Mary Vernon at St. Oswald’s, a child.

So far sent in.

Oct. 8. Mary Ann Baldwin, a child.

Oct. 29. Joseph Allcroft, at St. Oswald’s, a child.


Jan. 24. Ann Pingry, a child.

Feb. 12. George Baldwin, a child.

Feb. 21. Mary Walker.

Mch. 16. Charles Weston, at St. Oswald’s.

Mch. 27. Mary Yarnold.

Apr. 14. Susannah Kingett, a pauper.

May 9. Elizabeth Williams, a child.

Transmitted to the Registry.

May 18. Mary Andrews, a child.

Aug. 3. Catharine Amelia Susanna Rogers, a child.

Sep. 6. George Hadley, a child.

Sep. 9. Mary Jenkins, a child.

Sep. 14. Henry Parry.

Oct. 28. Mary Yeates.

Nov. 20. Ann Hall.


Jan. 19. Jane Clarke, a d. of the Minister.

Jan. 22. James Hunderayes, a child.

Jan. 26. Francis Lamb, a child.

Feb. 18. Keturah Templer Bond, a child.

Mch. 4. Jane Grennal, a child.

Mch. 13. Jane Higginbottom.

Mch. 15. James Beaverstock, a child.

Mch. 23. Richard Barnes, from the Castle.

Apr. 8. Edward Davis, from the Castle, a child.

Apr. 17. William Salmon.

Apr. 23. Mary Gardner, a child.

Apr. 27. Elizabeth Burnett, a child.

May 9. Sarah Haywood, a child.

June 5. Elizabeth Brasier, a child.

June 23. John Scott, a sexton of the Cathedral.

Transmitted to the Registry.

July 9. Patrick Corby, a debtor from the Castle.

July 26. Edward Fowler, a child.

Aug. 23. Green Palmer.

Sep. 3. William Gordon Hitchkiss, a child.

Sep. 25. John Harbury, in the New churchyard.

Nov. 8. Mary Ann Wanklin, a child.


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