St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Burials 1789 to 1791


Jan. 9. Mr. George Smith s. of a former Minister of this parish

Jan. 18. Richard Wedgeberrow

Feb. 2. Charles Mitchell

Feb. 16. Eliz. Davis, St. Oswalds

Mch. 3. Thomas Bevan, St. Oswalds

Apr. 2. Mrs. Ann Westwood wife of Daniel Westwood

Apr. 6. John Wood from Castle. Pr.

Apr. 17. Thomas Bond

Apr. 26. Mr. Willm. Faulkener

May 21. Willm. Norgrove, a child. Pr.

June 16. Thos. Pritchett. Pr.

July 6. Richd. Wedgberrow, a child

Aug. 28. Willm. Starkey, a child

Sep. 7. Mrs. Eliz. Davies

Sep. 13. Susannah Hull, a child

Nov. 16. John Baylis, at St. Oswalds

Nov. 27. James Cramand, a child

Dec. 17. William Jones, a child

Transmitted to the Registry


Jan. 5. George Pingree, a child

Jan. 7. William Haywood, child

Jan. 7. Benjamin Walker, Pr. Child

Jan. 29. Thomas Jones, a child

Feb. 24. Sarah Smith, child

Mch. 28. Joseph Strephon (Stephan written above it). Child.

Apr. 1. Thomas Ilip. (at St. Oswalds.)

Apr. 12. Constant Jones

Apr. 28. George Stewart Falkener

June 23. Hannah Yarnold

June 28. Thomas Jones, a child

July 5. Philip Griffin. (at Kempsey).

July 17. Noah Francis, a child

Aug. 10. Sarah Lucas, child.

Oct. 20. Sarah Edgington, a child

Dec. 8. Ann Baylis

Dec. 12. Elizabeth Howell. Pr.

Dec. 14. William Sermon. P’pr.


Feb. 13. Mary Mitchell. P’pr.

Feb. 20. William Davis, a child. P’pr.

Mch. 16. John Henry Smith, a child

Mch. 20. Harriot Mason, child

Mch. 22. William Smith, child.

Mch. 20. Ann Paterson

Apr. 1. Elizabeth Yarnold. Child. P’pr.

May 1. Mary Shalard. Ppr.

May 29. Elizabeth Yeals, child.

June 6. Thomas Westwood

June 30. William Yeals, child

July 6. Francis Lamb, child

Sep. 10. Sarah Davis, child. Ppr.

Sep. 24. William Andrews, child

Sep. 30. Mary Parker, Ppr.

Oct. 18. Mary Shin, child (This entry has a sign which appears to indicate it should go between 10 Aug. & 20 Oct. 1790).

Oct. 20. Samuel Lucas, child

…… Thomas Warinton, from the Castle, Ppr.

Dec. 13. Elizabeth Moss

Dec. 25. Catharine Smith

Dec. 29. James Forrest. Ppr.

1792 in the new register book.

END of record of Burials in first register book.


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