St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Burials 1786 to 1788


Jan. 2. Eliz. Nott, St. Oswalds

Jan. 27. Margaret Foley

Feb. 15. John Hickes

Feb. 16. Benj. Corbett

Mch. 4. Benj. Halward from Castle. Pr.

Mch. 8. Ann Morgan

Mch. 15. Eliz. Duncan

Mch. 24. Eliz. Slade

Apr. 3. Eliz. Prescot. Pr.

Apr. 21. Eliz. Baylis

May 16. Michael Gaskin. Pr.

May 25. Thos. Harris, Bridewell

May 26. Sarah Waring. Pr.

Aug. 5. Charlotte Southall

Aug. 16. Eliz. Cookes. Pr.

Sep. 5. James Waring. Pr.

Sep. 17. Susannah Hodges

Oct. 25. Mary Singleton, St. Oswalds

Dec. 13. Eliz. Lucas, a child

Transmitted to ye Registry


Jan. 2. Maria Wells, St. Oswald,

Jan. 10. Mrs. Mary Linton, St. Oswalds

Digby Smith, Minr.

Jan. 16. William Bevan, a child

Jan. 19. Michael Boyce from ye Castle. Pr.

Feb. 10. Daniel Cameron

Feb. 22. Edwd. Hammond, St. Oswalds.

Mch. 11. Mary Forrester, a child. Pr.

Mch. 23. Ann Duncan, a child

Apr. 23. Mary Clay. Pr.

Apr. 25. Henry Dovey, a child, St. Oswalds

May 2. Mary Allport. Pr.

May 15. Eliz. Moore, a child

May 25. Mary Jones, Pr.

June 22. Mary Moore, a child

July 1. Margaret Maddison

July 6. James Palmore, a child

July 10. Mary Andrews, a child, Pr.

July 17. John Lucas, a child

July 22. John Howell, a child

July 26. Samuel Ricketts, from Castle, Pr.

Aug. 7. Eliz. Spencer

Aug. 10. Peter Parker, a child, Pr.

Oct. 2. John Francis a child

…… Elizabeth Hall, a child

Oct. 7. Jemina Hall a child

Oct. 31. Mary Bates. New churchyard

Nov. 3. Wm. Milling a soldiers child. Pr.

Dec. 5. James Bishop from Castle. Pr.

Dec. 12. Sarah Spalding, a child

Dec. 22. Susannah Smith

Dec. 23. The Revd. James Swift

Dec. 29. Samuel Bowen, a child

Transmitted to the Registry


Jan. 1. John Watkins, a child. Pr.

Jan. 6. Thos. Bowerman, a child. Pr.

Jan. 23. Margaret Pengry, a child

Jan. 24. Mary Wedgeberrow from ye workhouse. Pr.

Jan. 27. Richard Bissell. Pr.

Feb. 20. Elizabeth Peyrton a child, St. Oswalds

Mch. 14. John Ransom

Digby Smith, Minr.

Apr. 18. Mary Surman

July 11. John Fowler, a child

Aug. 9. Henry Hopley, a child

Sep. 7. Susannah Brasier. Pr.

Sep. 11. John Dooley

Sep. 22. Ann Bevan. St. Oswalds

Oct. 5. John Morgan.

Transmitted to the Registry.

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