St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Burials 1783 to 1785


Jan. 4. Jane Smith

Jan. 18. Moses Chapell

Feb. 2. William Shirley

Feb. 16. Thomas Bevan

Mch. 11. James Maddison

Mch. 5. Thomas Sparkes

Apr. 27. Mary Ransom

June 9. Martha Holloway

Aug. 7. Jane Ballas

Aug. 17. Thos. Brown

Aug. 28. Ann Long.

D. Smith, Minr.

Sep. 3. Thomas Griffin

Oct. 16. John Blake

Oct. 18. Ann Matthews, Pr.

Nov. 8. Eliz. Gilbert

Nov. 9. Rich. Herbert at St. Oswalds

Nov. 10. Thos. Radcliffe

Dec. 4. Mary Moore

Dec. 22. Frances Griffiths

Dec. 23. Francis Simpson, Pr.

Dec. 24. John Bowder, Pr.


Feb. 8. William Griffiths, Pr.

Feb. 8. William Morgan

Feb. 22. Maria Baylis

Feb. 25. Mrs. Amphlett. St. Swithunes

May 18. Mary Tipton, St. Oswalds

May 28. John Crump

July 14. Thomas Lucas, a child

Aug. 24. Ann Pearkes, a child, Pr.

Aug. 26. James Browning, a child, Pr.

Sep. 5. Sarah Lutwyche, Pr.

Sep. 15. Elizabeth Ransom, a child

Sep. 24. Elizabeth Lewty, a child

Oct. 14. Edwd. Brampton, a child, St. Oswalds

Oct. 22. John Bingley, a child, Pr.

Oct. 24. Ann Pritchard, Pr.

Oct. 26. John Edwards from Castle, Pr.

Nov. 3. Mrs. Ann Wynne burd. at Kempsey

Nov. 21. Ann Long, a child

Dec. 2. Sarah Bingley from Bridewell, Pr.

Transmitted to ye Registry.


Jan. 11. Mrs. Ann Cockle

Feb. 10. John Pritchard, a child, Pr.

Feb. 23. George Brasier, Pr.

Mch. 20. Mr. Wm. Watkins from Powick

Mch. 31. Mr. Roger Moores

Apr. 10. John Gower, St. Oswalds

Apr. 16. Sarah Mullins, a child, Pr.

May 27. Abdial Freeman

July 3. Philip Dovey, a child, St. Oswalds

Digby Smith, Minr.

Aug. 7. John Flewitt

Sep. 7. Thos. Feilder Griffin, a child

Sep. 20. Edwd. Wall from Bridewell, Pr.

Sep. 24. Samuel Archall from Bridewell, Pr.

Sep. 26. Mrs. Ann Linton, St. Oswalds

Exd. & recd. the duty to 1 Oct. 1785.

For Ben. Pearkes, sub-Distributor, J Wensley.

Oct. 2. Elizabeth Ransom

Oct. 25. Eliz. Price from Bridewell, Pr.

Oct. 30. Thomas Gwinnel

Oct. 31. Nath. Cook, St. Oswalds

Nov. 9. Jane Hodges, St. Oswalds

Dec. 11. James Griffiths & Susannah his wife.

Transmitted to the Registry.


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