St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Burials 1776 to 1779


Jan. 9. Joseph Burbeck, a child

Jan. 23. Mary Long, a child

Jan. 24. Eliz. Davis

Jan. 26. Eliz. Harris

Feb. 2. Eliz. Francis

Feb. 3. Sarah Turberville

Feb. 6. Mary Duckwall

Mch. 7. Ann Ellis at St. Oswalds

Mch. 15. Willm. Buckle

Mch. 21. James Smith

Apr. 10. Eliz. Powell

May 15. Eliz. Dixon

June 4. Johanna Sewell

June 5. Robt. Hyde

June 9. Eleanor Roberts, a child

July 4. Thos. Hughes

Aug. 11. Eliz. Stevenson

Aug. 30. Willm. Crane at St. Oswalds

Oct. 18. Ann Malpas

Oct. 26. John Heathcott


Jan. 27. Mary Clarke

May 1. Nancy S[?]one, a child

May 6. Willm. Smith, a child

July 4. Sarah Stokes

July 8. Eliz. Yates

Aug. 3. George Hughes at St. Oswalds

Sep. 27. Phoebe Hitchcock

Sep. 29. Mary Gwynnell

Nov. 1. Ann Chapeau in ye Cloyster Green

Nov. 11. Rchd. Hemming

Nov. 14. Eliz. Southall at St. Oswalds

Nov. 28. James Dixon, a child


Feb. 6. Thos. Higgins

Mch. 10. Joseph Kent a child at St. Oswalds

Mch. 21. John Glover at Martley

Apr. 23. Eliz. Mason, New Churchyard

May 3. George Hughes a child at St. Oswalds

May 19. Eliz. Waring

June 1. Sarah Bluck

June 1. Ann Smith, a child

June 28. Eliz. James, a child

July 19. Willm. Browing, a child

Aug. 22. George Dunn, a child

Aug. 29. Nancy Matthews, a child

Sept. 26. Margaret Perkins

Sept. 30. Ann Cameron

Sept. 30. Thos. Gaskell at St. Peters

Nov. 16. Hannah Watkins

Nor. 23. Phillip Prime, a child at St. Oswalds

Dec. 2. Willm. Flewitt, a child

Dec. 9. Lydia Dixon, a child

Dec. 23. John Smith


Mch. 12. Charles Moore, a child

Mch. 22. John Bolt

May 25. Anne long

June 1. Martha Crump, a child

July 5. Hannah Higgins

Aug. 7. Sarah Flewitt

Aug. 14. Eliz. Morgan.

Sep. 15. Samuel Mackenley. New churchyard.

Nov. 28. Willm. Charles Helm, a child.

Nov. 28. William Walker, a child

D. Smith, Minr.

Dec. 14. Ann Tayler from Mr. Griffinss [sic]

Dec. 14. Nath. Bond, Clerk of ye Parish

Dec. 31. Ann Cockell


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