St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Burials 1770 and 1771


Feb. 14. William Hopley

Feb. 28. Susannah Sheate, a child

Mch. 14. Elizabeth Boycutt

Apr. 9. Edward Kent, at St. Oswalds, a child

May 30. George Dipple, at St. Oswalds

June 6. Andrew Karr

June 14. Sarah Gardiner, a child

July 27. James Mitchell, a child

Aug. 12. Thomas Jackson

Aug. 24. Daniel Cameron, a child

Aug. 29. — Moore

Sep. 22. Mary Malins

Sep. 28. Anne Goold

Oct. 10. Paul Hughes

J. Arnold, Minister

Oct. 28. William Thompson, a child

Nov. 9. Mary Kitchin, at St. Oswalds

Dec. 16. George Griffiths, a child

Dec. 27. William Phitian


Jan. 15. Samuel Severn

Jan. 17. Joseph Edgenton

Feb. 6. Charles Magenis who died by his own hand in the County Gaol was byr. in the College Churchyard by an order from Mr. long, Coroner at Pershore.

Feb. 13. John Nevill, a child

Feb. 19. Letitia Morgan

Feb. 26. Samuel Miller

Mch. 1. Mary Lewty, a child

Mch. 19. Elizabeth Moreton, in the church

Mch. 21. Revd. John Smith precentor of the Cathedral Church of Worcester bur. In the North Isle of the College Cloisters.

Mch. 27. Isaac Holt, a child

Mch. 31. Thomas Malpas, Governor of Bridewell, at St. Oswalds

Apr. 3. Frances Thompson, a child

Apr. 3. Letitia Holt, a child

Apr. 22. Thomas Fell, a child

Apr. 28. Lucy Ann Holt

May 13. Mary Clift

J. Arnold, Minister

May 22. George Crump, a child

June 2. Martha Fisher, at St. Martins

July 3. Richard Jones

July 7. —- Mullins, a child

July 18. Nancy Holt, a child

July 28. Prudence Sparrow

July 28. Mary Marstone

Aug. 6. Thomas Palmer

Aug. 7. James Moores

Aug. 7. Sarah Briscoe

Aug 12. Mary Meysey

Aug. 12. Ann Carr

Aug. 22. Mary Dalloway

Sep. 11. William Sparrow

Sep. 29. Thomas Taylor

Dec. 12. Edward Jones

Dec. 30. George Gillam, at Pershore

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