St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Burials 1766 to 1769


Jan. 2. George Jones from ye Castle

Jan. 3. Joan Lawrence

Jan. 25. Grey Dovy from the Castle

J. Arnold, Minister

Jan. 26. Lowis Price a child

Feb. 5. Elizabeth Abley

Mch. 28. Judith wife of John Bissell

Apr. 20. Elizabeth Walton

Apr. 22. Osbaldeston Maddison

May 27. Anne Townsley

July 8. Jane Hopley

Aug. 9. Samuel Howton

Sep. 4. Edward Ridge

Sep. 10. Sarah Fell

Oct. 3. Anne Mitchell, a child

Nov. 16. Dorothy Hughes

Dec. 8. William Baylis, a child


Jan. 9. Mary Osborne

Jan. 9. Sarah Baylis

Jan. 14. Anne Yeates

Jan. 30. Mary Flewett

Mch. 1. Jacob Summerland

Mch. 21. Margaret Powell, a child

Mch. 31. Jenny Hunt

Apr. 22. William Powell

May 9. Jane Long, a child

May 21. Martha Sheat, a child

May 31. Anne Hotchkis, a child

June 2. Richard Moore, a child

June 20. Janes Theene [sic]

June 22. John Jones

July 16. — wife of James Sheene

J. Arnold, Minister

Aug. 3. Sarah Turberville

Aug. 7. Anne Newport

Aug 19. John Swan, a child

Sep. 8. Nancy Martin

Sep. 21. Anne Baylis, a child

Oct. 5. William Gwinnell

Dec. 17. Elizabeth Mitchell


Jun. 10. Mary Crump

Feb. 21. Thomas Cotterell, a child

Feb. 26. Grace Harris

Mch. 12. Thos. Petters, at St. Andrews

May 4. Thos. Lingham Governor of the Castle, at St. Hellen’s

July 4. Elizabeth Williams

July 8. Anne Hopley

Sep. 11. Benjamin Mann

Oct. 19. Philip Prime, a child

Nov. 7. Elizabeth Turner

Nov. 11. William Fiddes, a child

Dec. 11. Mary Crump, a child

Dec. 11. Mary Miles

Dec. 28. John Everett, a child

Dec. 30. Thos. Rouse Esqr. of Rouse Lench, at Rouse Lench


Jan. 18. William Watkins, a child

Feb. 12. Anne Badham

Apr. 1. John Skinner

Apr. 13. Richard Poole

J. Arnold, Minister

Apr. 28. Susannah Sparrowe a child

June 27. Thomas Harris a child

July 2. Mary Morgan

Aug. 7. William Bromley Esqr. at Abberley

Sep. 23. John Flewett

Oct. 15. Mary Westwood, a child

Oct. 22. Rebecca Riddel, at St. Hellen

Dec. 10. Henry Allen


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