St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Burials 1763 to 1765


Jan. 8. … Evans from Workhouse

Jan. 23. George Freeman, a child

Feb. 20. Thomas Palmer, parish clerk

Mch. 25. William Harris

Mch. 29. Colonel David Chapeau of this parish was buried in the Cloister Green belonging to the Cathedral Church

Mch. 30. Mrs. Williams

Apr. 15. Abel Pardoe, a child

May 29. Sarah Pardoe mother of the above

June 2. Thomas Freeman a child

June 28. Mrs. Joyce Smith widow of the Revd. Mr. Thomas Smith formerly Minister of this parish – in the Chancell.

J. Arnold, Minr.

July 14. Sarah Tolieu, a child

July 31. Henry Southall (St. Oswalds).

Nov. 19. William Wormington

Dec. 25. John Chelker from Bridewell


Jan. 13. Willm. Thompson, a Rom. Cath.

Jan. 22. Joseph Baylis a child

Feb. 24. Edward Nuonham [sic], at Chaddesley

Feb. 24. Elizabeth Dullason a child

Feb. 29. Anne Moores a child

Apr. 23. Joseph Harris a child

Apr. 23. Charles Cameron a child

May 21. Mrs. Anne Wilde, wid. Of … Wilde Esq. was taken from a House in Coll. Church Yard May 21 to be burd. Bath.

June 20. Susannah Walton a child

June 24. William Holland from the Castle

July 2. Mary Ranford, at St. Oswalds

Sep. 21. Wm. Skynner Esqr. Of Underdown was removed from a House in Coll. Churchyard Sep. 21 to be burd. at Ledbury.

Sep. 22. Elizabeth Dipple at St. Oswalds

Oct. 1. Richard Clymor a child from Bridewell

Nov. 9. Anne Prime a child

Dec. 11. Josiah Walton

Dec. 21. Elizabeth Osenald at St. Martin

Dec. 30. Henry Ophingham

J. Arnold, Minister


Jan. 30. Rhoda Brooks

Mch. 2. William Stephens taken from the Castle, to be buried at Broadway

Mch. 18. William Green a child

Mch. 18. Fanny Cameron a child

Apr. 5. Edward Snout

Apr. 5. John Knowles a child

June 13. Mary Maria Freeman, a child

July 31. Eliz. Davis

Aug. 11. Mary Lawrence a Child, bur. in the churchyard in the Angel Lane.

Sep. 2. Sarah Binley a child

Sep. 6. Thomas Binley a child

Oct. 17. Jane Jones a child

Oct. 20. Mary Palmer mother of the late Clerk

Oct. 27. Grazley Swan

Dec. 7. Mary Maddison, wife of Osborne Maddison

Dec. 23. Anne Hickman was removed from Mr. Abley’s in Coll. Yard.

Dec. 27. Eliz. Baker a child

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