St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Baptisms 1807 to 1809


Jan. 4. Christopher s. of William & Sophia Shipley

Mch. 15. John s. of John & Mary Crockett

Apr. 8. Hannah natural d. of Mary Corbett

June 14. Samuel s. of Amias Kirkham, (a soldier on his march) & Mary his wife. N.B. The child was stated to have been born in Litchfield.

June 21. Mary Ann d. of Joseph Burden & Ann

June 21. William Jonathan s. of Thomas & Ann Allen

July 29. Matilda Hervey Davis d. of Lewis Hervey D’Egville & Mary

Aug. 3. Jane d. of John Moore & Ann

Aug. 3. Robert s. of Robert Howse & Martha

Aug. 5. Thomas s. of William & Elizabeth Pugh

Aug. 11. Martha d. of Andrew Inight & Mary

Aug. 9. Charlotte d. of George Reeks & Hannah

Sep. 6. William s. of Richard Matthews & Sarah

Sep. 13. Jane d. of John Pitt & Mary

Oct. 11. John Fisher s. of John & Mary Green

Nov. 15. Elizabeth d. of Charles & Sarah Powell

Nov. 25. Ann d. of Samuel & Sarah Patrick

Dec. 10. John s. of John Davies & Mary

So far transmitted to the Registry


Jan. 13. Mary d. of Joseph & Hannah Hopkins

Jan. 17. Mary d. of George Harris & Elizabeth

Jan. 31. Maria d. of William & Margaret Marks

Feb. 23. Caroline d. of James & Elizabeth Davis

Mch. 2. Alinda d. of John & Mary Courtney

Mch. 7. Mary d. of John & Charlotte Morgan

Mch. 13. Edwin s. of Joseph & Sarah Williams

Mch. 20. George Hill s. of John Clifton & Frances

Mch. 30. Mary Ann d. of Richard & Mary Taylor

Apr. 17. Mary d. of Richard & Mary Beeken

Apr. 24. Thomas s. of John & Jane Lowe

May 7. Mary Newman d. of James & Mary Buckman

May 15. Henry s. of John & Elizabeth Roberts

July 26. William s. of John Marigold & Esther

Oct. 9. Thomas s. of Charles Brown & Eleanor

Oct. 23. Lucy d. of Thomas Vaughan & Mary

Dec. 18. Caroline d. of Thomas & Susanna Pemberton N.B. This child is stated by the parents to have been born & named in the parish of St. Martin in Birmingham.

Dec. 25. Mary Ann d. of John & Charlotte Morgan

Dec. 26. Thomas s. of Thomas & Ann Hayes

So far transmitted to the Registry


Mch. 3. Mary d. of Lewis Hervey D’Egville & Mary

Mch. 19. John Garratt s. of Joseph Burden & Ann

Apr. 30. Mary d. of John & Elizabeth Moore

May 21. Charles s. of Thomas & Mary Coulston

May 28. Thomas John s. of Thomas & Ann Allen

June 9. Mary d. of John & Helen Macguire

July 4. Charlotte d. of Joseph Cowell & Mary

July 7. Samuel Francis s. of Samuel & Mary Haswell. N.B. Posthumous.

July 18. Daniel s. of Thomas Eaton & Elizabeth

July 21. John s. of John & Elizabeth Jones

Nov. 12 John Delinose s. of John & Rebecca Brace

Dec. 4. Elizabeth d. of Andrew & Mary Inight

Dec. 7. George s. of John & Mary Davies

Dec. 10. John s. of John & Mary Pitt

So far transmitted to the Registry


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