St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Baptisms 1803 to 1806


Jan. 1. Charles Haywood s. of John & Mary Southall. (Interlined with note: “Omitted by mistake, T. C. Rector”).

Apr. 25. Frederick s. of Thomas Hardwick & Ann.

May 12. Herbert s. of William & Maria (Caldwell deleted) Gordle.

June 2. Frances d. of John Clifton & Frances.

June 5. Thomas Jool s. of Thomas & Elizabeth Hitchcock.

Aug. 7. Eliza. d. of Henry & Ann Heming.

Aug. 28. Benjamin s. of Benjamin Tanner & Elizabeth.

Transmitted to the Registry.


Jan. 30. Sarah d. of John Bennett & Sarah.

Feb. 8. William s. of John Grove & Sarah.

Feb. 12. Henry s. of Thomas Millard & Sophia.

Apr. 8. Susanna d. of John Lamb & Mary.

June 3. Mary d. of Robert & Powell.

June 14. Elizabeth d. of John Clifton & Frances.

June 29. Thomas s. of Thomas & Sarah Witing.

July 22. David Williams s. of David And Read.

Aug. 12. Ann d. of George Harris & Elizabeth.

Sep. 16. Rice s. of Rice Prickett & Sarah.

Oct. 8. Robert Raxter s. of John Postans & Mary.

Oct. 4. Thomas s. of Thomas Hardwick & Ann.

Dec. 18. Hannah d. of George Reeks & Hannah.

Mem: So far transmitted to the Registry.


Feb. 10. Phoebe d. of John Hobbs & Phoebe

Feb. 13. Mary d. of William Cooke & Elizabeth.

Feb. 17. Susanna d. of Moses Clifton & Sarah.

Mch. 7. Sarah Hervey davis d. of Lewis Hervey D’Egville & Mary.

Mch. 24. William s. of William Broughton & Margaret.

Mch. 25. Edgar s. of Joseph Heath & Diana.

May 7. Edwin s. of John Davies & Mary.

May 19. Elizabeth d. of Edward & Mary Mascall.

June 2. William s. of Richard & Mary Yarnall, received. N. B. He was privately baptized at Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire.

June 2. Mary Ann d. of Richard & Mary Yarnall.

Aug. 4. Elizabeth d. of William & Sophia Shipley.

Aug. 4. Ann d. of John & Esther Marigold.

Aug. 20. Martha d. of Robert Howse & Martha.

Aug. 30. Caroline Frances d. of Marcus John Annesley & Caroline Frances.

Aug. 30. John s. of John Grove & Sarah.

Sep. 4. Elizabeth d. of John Pitt & Mary.

Sep. 21. James Westwood s. of James Hayward & Sarah.

Sep. 25. Ann d. of Joseph Burden & Ann.

Nov. 4. Mary Ann d. of Richard Matthews & Sarah.

Nov. 24. Letitia d. of Richard Taylor & Mary Scriven.

Dec. 18. Robert s. of John Clifton & Frances.

N.B. So far transmitted to the Registry.


Jan. 9. Ann and Elizabeth twin dd. Of John & Elizabeth Stinton.

Mch. 2. Jane d. of John & Jane Lowe.

Mch. 31. Henry s. of William & Ann Yarnold.

Mch. 10. James s. of Thomas & Mary Phillips.

June 1. John s. of Thomas & Mary Vaughan.

July 13. Ann d. of Samuel & Ann Kettle.

Aug. 9. Charles s. of John & Mary Davies.

Aug. 31. Thomas s. of Thomas & Ann Hardwick.

Aug. 31. Mary Ann d. of Joseph & Elizabeth Mitchell.

Sep. 28. Ann d. of Robert & Ann Salt.

Sep. 28. Harriott d. of Thomas & Hannah Wright.

Oct. 21. Mary Anne d. of John & Sarah Grove.

Nov. 2. Elizabeth Matilda d. of Marcus John Annesley & Caroline Frances.

Nov. 2. Richard s. of Thomas & Mary Coulston.

Nov. 30. William David s. of Thomas Williams & Sylvia.

Dec. 25. Sarah d. of Willm. & Hannah Watkins.

Dec. 21. Fredrick s. of Thomas & Sarah Brooks.

Dec. 26. Joseph s. of Joseph (Powell altered to) Cowell & Mary.

So far transmitted to the Registry.


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