St. Michaels in Bedwardine Worcester Baptisms 1800 to 1802


Feb. 19. Ann base born d. of Elizabeth Hall

Mch. 16. Hannah d. of Charles Richards & Elizabeth

Mch. 23. James s. of James Manton, a soldier, & Ann

Apr. 1. Samuel Alden s. James Rogers & Susanne

Apr. 27. Elizabeth d. of Charles Miller & Sarah

On a slip of paper affixed into the register is recorded the following :-

1800 Elizabeth d. of John & Phoebe Hobbs bapt. Jan. 22. The irregularity of the above entry was occasioned by the Clerk’s mislaying of the memorandum which was not found till it was too late to enter in the proper place. T. Clarke, Rector.

May 5. Elizabeth d. of George Bennett & Elizabeth. (born Apr. 21st 1800.)

May 16. John s. of Samuel Paine & Elizabeth

May 17. Harriott d. of Daniel Plant & Sarah

June 21. William s. of William Day & Ann

July 8. Diana d. of Joseph Heath 4 Diana

July 18. Henry s. of John Clifton & Frances

Aug. 1. Cornelia d. of Joseph Williams & Sarah

Aug. 12. Ann d. of William Jackson & Elizabeth

Aug. 13. Harriott d. of James Freame & Sarah

Sep. 14. Henry s. of George Harris & Elizabeth

Oct. 3. Thomas s. of Joseph Hammond & Sarah

Dec. 2. Mary Ann d. of John Hobbs & Phoebe

Dec. 6. Thomas s. of Thomas Millard & Sophia

Dec. 31. Eliza. d. of Thomas Hardwick & Ann


Jan. 7. Sarah d. of James Price & Frances

Feb. 8. Mary d. of Thomas Jolley & Sarah

Feb. 11. James s. of John Overton & Mary

Mch. 9. Elizabeth d. of Joseph Knight & Ann

Apr. 19. Martha d. of John Allcroft & Mary

Apr. 26. William s. of Timothy Jenkins & Catharine

June 13. Anne d. of John Clifton & Frances

Oct. 12. Sarah d. of Charles & Sarah Miller

Nov. 15. John s. of William Staples & Elizabeth

Nov. 20. Anne d. of Benjamin Tanner & Elizabeth

Nov. 29. George s. of William & Sarah Higgins Mem. This child was brought from St. Nicholas parish to be baptised.

On a piece of parchment tied into the register the following is recorded:-

John St. George son of John Berkeley Deane & Cecilia his wife born Nov. 29 was privately bapt. By Mr. Cliffe Dec. 2nd 1801. The due information concerning the Baptism of the above mentioned child was not communicated tome till this day, Apr. 20th 1804 which accounts for the present irregular insertion. Thomas Clarke, Rector of St. Michael in Bedwardine.

Dec. 25. Elizabeth d. of Rice Prickett & Sarah

Transmitted to the Registry


Feb. 3. Wilhelmina d. of John & Rebecca Williams (from St. Peter’s parish)

Feb. 21. John s. of George Bennett & Elizabeth

Feb. 28. William s. of William Bond & Ann

Mch. 9. Elizabeth d. of George Harris & Elizabeth

Mch. 17. James s. of Samuel Smith & Mary

Mch. 17. Henry s. of Thomas Hardwick & Ann

Apr. 15. William s. of John Clifton & Frances

May 16. Mary d. of James Holland & Mary

May 23. Ann d. of William Haywood & Ann

June 7. Charles s. of Charles Taylor & Mary

Aug. 1. Ann d. of John & Sarah Yeomans

Aug. 16. William s. of Joseph Williams & Sarah

Oct. 10. George s. of George Reeks & Hannah

Nov. 24. Charles s. of Joseph & Elizabeth Thomason

Transmitted to the Registry


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