Wythall Billings Directory of Worcestershire 1855

Bathurst Rev. Launcelot Chapel, Incumbent

Mynors Robert, Heath Hill

Willmore Jos., Esq., Silver st

Allen William, farmer, Withewood Heath

Bott Hannah, farmer, Silver st

Brooks William, farmer, Yew Tree Farm

Burman Joseph, farmer, Houndsfield, Holly Wood

Cranmore Charles, shopkeeper, Holly Wood

Cranmore John, farmer, Mickley Hall

Crisp William, bricklayer, Holly Wood

Crowley Ann, farmer, Drake’s Cross, Holly Wood

Davis John, farmer, Houndsfield, Holly Wood

Farmer Jonathan, farmer, Old Farm, Holly Wood

Foster John, farmer, Tanner’s Green

Greaves Alfred, farmer, Bell’s Farm, Holly Wood

Greaves Benjamin, farmer, Silver st

Greaves Benjamin, farmer, Withewood Heath

Greaves Richard, farmer, Inkford

Greaves William, farmer, Tanner’s Green

Guest John, farmer, Weatheroak Hill

Hands E. N., painter, Holly Moor

Hopkins John, farmer, Drake’s Cross, Holly Wood

James Thomas, shopkeeper, Holly Wood

Jones Charles, shoe maker

Lees James, farmer, Headley Heath

Martin Robert, farmer, Holly Wood

Martin J., shoe maker

Matthews Saymer, carpenter, Headley Heath

Miller Joseph, farmer, Headley Heath

Moore John W., victualler, Pack Horse, Holly Wood

Mosley John, farmer, Silver st

Mosley Richard, farmer and timber merchant, Holly Wood

Newey William, farmer, Shawshurst

Nixon Stephen, farmer, Bateman’s Green, Silver st

Oliver Thomas, farmer, Headley Heath

Palmer William, beer retailer, Swan, Holly Wood

Parkes John, farmer, Headley Heath

Parkes W., farmer, Black Greave House

Pountney James, blacksmith

Pratt Francis, gimblet maker

Sheldon Daniel, farmer, Withewood Heath

Smith Timothy, shoe maker, Withewood Heath

Stretton John, farmer, Weatheroak Hill

Stevens William, farmer, Grimspits, Holly Wood

Taylor James, tailor

Taylor Thomas, farmer, Weatheroak Hill

Taylor William, farmer, Goodrest, Holly Wood

Tibberton Mrs., farmer, Headley Heath

Turner Joseph, farmer, Lea Green, Holly Wood

Wakefield Waldron, farmer, Born Hill

Wakeman William, farmer, Weatheroak Hill

Webster Daniel, farmer, Heath Hill

Source: Billings Directory of Worcestershire 1855

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