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Yardley, 4 miles from Birmingham, containing 359 houses and 1906 inhabitants. This parish is very extensive, and has the chapelry of Marston annexed. It has a manufactory of burnt tiles from which the town of Birmingham is chiefly supplied.

Adams J. wheelwright

Adams Samuel smith

Amos John, farmer

Avery Jos. Jun. farmer

Baldwin Edw. farmer

Bateman Thos. surveyor

Beach Thomas, gent.

Bedford Thomas, gent.

Biddle Samuel, farmer

Biddle Joseph, chemist

Biddle Richard, farmer

Biddle Edward, farmer

Bingham Samuel, farmer

Birch John, maltster

Birkett Henry, gent.

Blount John, surgeon

Bradnack Isaac, farmer

Briscoe Richard, farmer

Briscoe John, farmer

Brookhouse Nat. farmer

Brown A. schoolmistress

Bullivant John, farmer

Bullivant A. farmer

Bullivant Joseph, farmer

Burkinshaw Rich. gent.

Butcher William, vict.

Butler William, farmer

Causer Ann, farmer

Chambers B. farmer

Chambers Wm. farmer

Chilwell Christ. farmer

Clark Charles, gent.

Colmore Thomas, gent.

Cook Benj. brass founder

Cox William, gent.

Cross William, gent.

Crow Mary Ann

Davis John, victualler

Davis Joseph, smith

Deakin John, farmer

Dipple John, shoemaker

Dolphin John, gent.

Dolphin John, jun. gent.

Dunn Ann, farmer

Dunkenson Edw. miller

Dyott Joseph, esq.

Edwards John, farmer

Edwards J. wheelwright

Fell Rev. Joseph

Fell John, farmer

Freeman Joseph, farmer

Goodrick William, gent

Gossage Wm. farmer

Grant Daniel, gent.

Greenway Wm. farmer

Guest John, whitster

Guest Joseph, baker

Guest Samuel, whitster

Guest John, jun. maltster

Gwilt Thomas, farmer

Harrison Samuel, farmer

Hawkins William, vict.

Hayes James, gent.

Haywood Thos. maltster

Heath Abraham, farmer

Heath Thomas, maltster

Hedges Thomas, grocer

Hemus William, vict.

Hipkiss Mary, farmer

Holloway Robert, farmer

Holloway Mary, schoolmistress

Holt John, farmer

Homer Henry, farmer

Hopkins James, farmer

Hopkins Thomas, farmer

Hopkins Charles, farmer

Hopkins A. maltster

Hopkins Alice, farmer

Hopkins John, farmer

Hopkins Daniel, farmer

Horton William, farmer

Horton W. timber dealer

Hughes Benjamin, factor

Jaeger J. H. schoolmaster

Jennings Benj. farmer

Jennings Isaac, butcher

Jones William, farmer

Kemp Richard, vict.

Kennedy George, surgeon

Key Widow, huckster

King Thomas, farmer

King William, farmer

Lea William, bricklayer

Litchfield Wm. farmer

Lucock Thos. bricklayer

Lyndon William, farmer

Madeley William, farmer

Manning John, farmer

Mansfield Wm. farmer

Mansfield Mary, farmer

Marston William, farmer

Mason William, tailor

Mathew Wm. carpenter

Meredith R. wheelwright

Minchull Geo. Toy maker

Moss William, farmer

Muchall Rd. merchant

Nash John, victualler

Osbourne Joseph, farmer

Palmer John, tailor

Palmer Thomas, tailor

Parkes George, farmer

Pemberton Thos. farmer

Priest Mary, farmer

Rabone John, farmer

Rabone James, smith

Reeves Joseph, farmer

Reppington Robt. farmer

Reynolds Geo. maltster

Richards Joseph, gent.

Robins Ann, brickmaker

Rogers Alice, farmer

Rushton Eliz. farmer

Russell Mr. gent.

Salmon Thos. ironmonger

Salmon Richard, gent.

Scotton Thomas, farmer

Scudamore Thos. farmer

Shaw Richard, miller

Sims William, gent.

Sivetter Joseph, miller

Smallbrook John, maltster

Smallbrook John, jun. maltster

Smith William, miller

Solomon A. gent.

Steedman Benj. farmer

Stephens George, farmer

Swinburn B. schoolmistress

Syers Robert, farmer

Tabberner Ann, miller

Taverner William, vict.

Taylor Robert, farmer

Taylor Thomas, maltster

Taylor John, farmer

Taylor Henry, huckster

Terry Isaac, farmer

Thickbroom Mary, farmer

Thornton Sam. maltster

Todd Moss, farmer

Tomlinson John, maltster

Turner Joseph, farmer

Tutin Richard, butcher

Vyse Rd. schoolmaster

Underhill Richard, gent.

Waldron Thos. huckster

Walker William, farmer

Waterhouse Wm. farmer

Ward John, farmer

Webb Joseph, whitesmith

Welch Lovelace, gent.

Welch Henry, farmer

Wickens E schoolmistress

Williams Widow, farmer

Willington Jos. farmer

Wells William, maltster

Wright John, farmer

Yates Charles, maltster

Yeomens John, farmer

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.