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Yardley is a very extensive parish, about 4 miles from Birmingham. The soil is fruitful, and the neighbourhood exceedingly pleasant, abounding with numerous gentlemen’s seats and villas. It is divided from Warwickshire by the river Cole, over which are several bridges. The parish contained according to the last census, 2753 inhabitants.

The CHURCH, dedicated to St. Edburgh, is a very fines structure, exhibiting various specimens of the English style of architecture. It has a square tower, and a massive and beautifully-proportioned spire. Rev. Henry Gwyther, Vicar; Mr. Henry Spry, Clerk. Service – 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

The CHAPEL at Hall Green is a large and commodious brick building. Rev. J. W. Harte, Incumbent; Mr. W. Knowles, Clerk. Service – 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

There is a DISTRICT CHURCH at Yardley Wood. Rev. Alfred Clifton, Incumbent; Mr. Shipton, Clerk. Service – 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

There is a CONGREGATIONAL CHAPEL at Rushall Lane. No stated minister. Service – 11 a.m., 2 30 and 6 p.m.

There is an ENDOWED SCHOOL near the church, with a branch at Hall Green. Mr. James Chell, Master of the School at Yardley; Mr. Thomas Swinburn, Master at Hall Green.

There is a NATIONAL SCHOOL in the village. Sarah Wilde, Mistress. Average number of scholars, 30.

The COUNTY POLICE STATION is in the Coventry Road. John Hall, Officer.


Allen Mr. John

Allport Mr. James

Ashmore Miss

Billing Mr. Martin, The Shrubbery

Bowen Mr. William, Spark Hill

Brewin Mr. Charles, Coventry Road

Cattell Mr. James

Clifton Rev. Alfred, M.A., Yardley Wood

Cope Charles Henry, Esq., Spark Hill

Davison Rev. J. R.

Deadicott Mr. Joseph

Dipple Mr. John, Lea

Flavell Samuel, Esq.

Foulkes Mr. William Charles

Gwyther Rev. Henry, Vicar

Harte Rev. Joseph William, B.A., Spark Brook

Harrison Mr. William, Hall Green

Hartop Mr.

Haynes Mr. Benjamin

Haynes Mr. William

Holder Mr. Henry

Holloway Mr. John

Iliffe The Misses

Jones Mr. John

Jones Mr. Samuel, Yew Tree Cottage

Keller Mr. Kewis, Acock’s Green

King Mrs. Warwick Road

Lloyd James, jun., Esq., Magistrate, Showell Green

Lloyd G. B., Esq., banker

Lloyd Thomas, Esq.

Lloyd Mrs.

Madeley Mrs. Ann

Mansfield Mrs. Mary Sarah

Mansfield Mr. William

Mason Edwin F., Esq.

Meredith Miss

Millward Mr. Charles

Molesworth Joseph, Esq.

Naden George, Esq., Green Bank

Nevill Edward, Esq., Hay Hall

Palmer Mr. Thomas, Broad Gates Cottage

Patterson Mr. William, Chapel House

Perkins Mr. George, Showell Green

Perkins Mr. Thos., Moseley Wake Green

Pickard Thomas M., Esq., Lee Hall

Rock Mrs., Hall Green

Rogers Mr. Thomas

Simcox John, Esq.

Smith Mrs., Crown Cottage

Standley Mrs., Rose Cottage

Terry Mrs., Showell Green

Thornley Mr. Samuel

Turner Mr. Julius

Wassell Mr. Edward

Waterson Mr. Thomas, Hall Green

Wells Mr. George

Whittle Mr. Joseph, Warwick Road

Adams Samuel, farmer, Coventry Road

Allbutt John, farmer

Allday Thomas, farmer

Allen Joseph, painter, Greet

Allnot James, beer retailer, Coventry Road

Arnold Richard, farmer, and coal dealer

Baldock George, farmer, and wheelwright

Baldwin Elizabeth, farmer

Bate Thomas, horse-dealer

Bates Messrs., farmers; house, King’s Norton

Beech Richard, farmer, Acock’s Green

Biddle Ann, farmer, Hill House

Biddle Samuel, farmer

Biddle William, wheelwright, Coventry Road

Birch Robert, farmer

Bird Daniel, farmer, Lea

Boston Thomas, coal dealer

Bosworth Joseph, farmer, Flaxley’s Farm

Boyce Mrs. and Miss, boarding school

Bradnack Isaac, shopkeeper, Coventry Road

Bradnack John, baker, Lea

Bradnack Thomas, victualler, Dog and Partridge

Briscoe Joseph, farmer, Greet Mill Hill

Briscoe William, farmer, New Bridge

Brooks Edgar, gun maker

Bullivant Mrs., cattle dealer, Greet

Burton George, farmer, Hall Farm

Chell James, schoolmaster

Chillingworth Benjamin, farmer

Clemson Edward, blacksmith, Coventry Road

Clews Joseph, farmer

Cliff Thomas, maltster, and farmer

Cooper Ann, victualler, Bull’s Head

Craddock John, farmer, Hay Hall

Dallaway Mrs., farmer, Stichford

Dallaway Joseph, farmer, Blakeley Hall

Deakin Joseph, farmer, Fast Pits

Dolphin Edward, farmer

Edwards Richard, market gardener, and farmer

Edwards Thomas, farmer

Gadsby John, farmer

Gough John, farmer

Graham George, farmer

Hampton Thomas, dairyman

Hall John, police constable, Coventry Road

Hargeave Abraham, farmer

Hargeave Robert, farmer

Harris Joseph, shopkeeper, Coventry Road

Harris Samuel, blacksmith, Warwick Road

Harris Thomas. Shoe maker, Acock’s Green

Harrison William, butcher

Hart Charles, farmer

Hart Henry, gun maker, and beer retailer, Great Western Railway Inn, Acock’s Green

Hawker Thomas, farmer

Heath John, victualler, and maltster, Talbot

Hemus Ann, beer retailer, and farmer

Hill Joseph, metal roller

Hinks John, farmer, Sarehall

Hinks John, jun., farmer, Sarehall

Holloway Daniel, auctioneer

Holloway Robert, farmer, maltster, and brick maker

Hodgkinson George, banker’s clerk

Holmes Benjamin, shoe maker

Holmes Joseph, victualler, Hay Mill Tavern, Coventry Road

Hopkins Abraham, farmer, New House

Hopkins Abraham, farmer, Fast Pit House

Hopkins Charles, gardener, and victualler, Old Ring of Bells

Hopkins Thomas, farmer

Horsfall James, wire drawer, Wire Mill

Jacques Samuel, farmer

Jager Mrs. Sarah, boarding school

Jarvis William Thomas, shoe maker and shopkeeper, Acock’s Green

Jenkins Thomas, farmer

Jennings Isaac, victualler and butcher, Swan, Coventry Road

Jones Benjamin, porter dealer, Spark Hill

Kemp Sarah, victualler, Bull’s Head, Hall Green

King Edward, farmer, Broom Hall

King John, farmer, Greet

King William, farmer, Hall Green Hall

Knowles William, shoe maker, and Parish Clerk, Hall Green

Lancaster Thomas, rope maker, Warwick Road

Lawley Thomas, farmer

Leak Charles, wheelwright, and shopkeeper

Lee Ann, farmer

Lee James, needle maker

Lee Joseph, farmer and miller

Leedham Edward, farmer

Madeley William York, tanner

Mander John, miller

Mansfield Thomas, farmer

Martin Joseph, farmer, Hall Green

Martin Joseph, farmer, Coventry Road

Mason William, tailor, Warwick Road

Matthews Henry, carpenter

Matthews Joseph, farmer

Maulin Joseph, farmer

Mayou Richard, victualler and maltster, New Inn

Mayou Thomas, maltster

Middleton William, farmer

Mitchell William, farmer

Mullis James, shopkeeper, Acock’s Green

Mullis John, beer retailer

Nash John, farmer

Neal John, farmer

Nossiter Charles, auctioneer

Palmer Thomas, farmer

Parkes George, farmer, and maltster

Parrott John, farmer, and shoe maker

Parsons John, farmer

Payton Joseph, farmer

Peake Henry, victualler, Old Dolphin, Acock’s Green

Price Thomas, victualler, Mermaid, Spark-brook

Pritchard E. S., farmer, Cold Bath

Rabone Abraham, farmer

Rabone Charles, farmer

Rabone John, victualler, and farmer, Spread Eagle, Acock’s Green

Reynolds William H., malt-mill maker, and at Birmingham (see advertisment)

Riley John, brick maker, and beer retailer

Roberts Samuel, needle maker

Roberts Humphrey, farmer, Iron Hall

Rowley Charles, wheelwright

Rowley George, victualler, Bull’s Head, Stichford

Saxelby Thomas, farmer

Sealey Thomas, farmer

Slater John, Inland Revenue Officer, Coventry Road

Smallbrook John, farmer, and maltster

Smith Caesar, farmer, Moseley Wake Green

Smith James, farmer

Smith John, farmer, Cold Bath

Smith John, baker, Coventry Road

Smith Thomas, farmer, Paradise

Standley John, farmer, Field Farm

Steadman Benjamin, farmer, Shaftmoor

Sutton John, shopkeeper, Yardley Wood

Swinburn Thomas, schoolmaster, Hall Green

Taverner Edward, farmer

Taylor Joseph, farmer, Acock’s Green

Thomas Samuel, locksmith

Thornton Henry, farmer

Tomkins James, dairyman

Tomlinson Henry, farmer

Waldron Joseph, brick maker, and beer retailer

Waldron Joseph, jun., corn factor and shopkeeper

Walker Thomas, farmer

Wait John, farmer, Yardley Wood

Ward Joseph, shopkeeper, Hall Green

Waring Jonas, farmer

Wathew Henry, farmer, Grove Farm

Webb James, farmer

Westwood Joseph, shoe maker

Wharton John, shoe maker

Whatmore John, farmer, Fox’s Green

Whitehouse George F., farmer

Wilmott George, surveyor

Yates Charles, farmer

The Post Office is in the village. Mr. John Green, Postmaster. Delivery, 8 a.m.; despatch, 6 p.m. There is a Branch Post Office at Hall Green. Henry Matthews, Sub-Postmaster. Delivery, 8 a.m.; despatch, 9 p.m.

Source: Billings Directory of Worcestershire 1855.