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Addington Charles

Allen George

Abbot Mrs.

Baxter John

Brown Joseph

Butcher Charles

Clark John

Cooper Susannah

Covington Charles

Deighton James

Dazely Charles

Eccles Edwin

Eccles Henry

Fitzhugh Richard

Fowles James

Foster John

Goff John

Gray George, tailor

Geary William

Houghton Phoebe

Knight Thomas

Lawrence William

Martin T., postman

Martin Mary Ann

Milton F., publican

Page James

Perkins Thomas

Painter Frederick

Riddy Mary

Stock John, publican

Savage Stephen

Starmore George

Stokes Elizabeth

Stevens Arthur

West William

Wright John, grocer

White George

White Charles

Welsh Charles

Walton Henry

Wale John

Watford Sarah

Source: The Bedford Directory and Almanack (and history of the town) compiled by T.A. Blyth 1866