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Blackshaw William

Blackwell William

Bailey George

Cooper George

Clark William B.

Chapman Reuben

Cockman William

Curtis Arthur

Coombs Charles

Corby John

Church William

Corby George

Dodson Charles

Dongely Edward

Desborough William

Foulkes Ann

Foster Richard

Guest James, “The Balloon”

Gregory Isaac

Harpur George

Hills Ann

Hornsby Samuel

Ibbs Thomas

Ivett Ephraim

James Hannah

Jeffries Jemima

Low James

Low Samuel

Lomas Mary

Munsey Thomas

Morris Charles

Payne Robert

Perkins George

Paxton Charles

Parrott George

Ruff Silas

Richards Thomas

Reynolds George

Smith Mrs.

Smart Shadrach

Smith Mary Ann

Thompson John

Whitbread Henry

Worrall Milley

Wooding Thomas

Witterage Mrs.

Warrington T. sen.

Wright George

Source: The Bedford Directory and Almanack (and history of the town) compiled by T.A. Blyth 1866