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Note. The Crops of grain were this year very scanty on the wet & clay Lands owing to the continued cold rains of the Spring Months, the latter half of the Harvest was extremely bad & much corn was injured. The crop of potatoes was also a bad one. In October wheat sold in Shrewsbury at 17 shills. per Bushel.

Oct. 12. Samuel Jeffreys & Frances Lee, mar.

Dec. 6. Mr. Thos. Powell, late proprietor of the London Stage Waggons, bur.


Nov. 16. Elizabeth d. of Charles Vandyke & Lettitia Brown, Drawing-Master, bap.

July 11. Capn. George Story of St. Mary-le-bone London & Miss Louisa Keatinge of this Parish, mar.


Mar. 12. Jeremiah Golding, from the Hermitage, bur.

Oct. 7. Mr. Tennant Lacy, Aged 61, bur.

Oct. 17. John s. of Griffith & Elizabeth Breese, bap. (Afterwards Chaplain of the Asylum, and Rector of Hanwood.)


Jan. 3. Robert Hesketh, Aged 67, bur.

June 26. Richard Henry s. of Joshua & Eliza Peele, bap.

Nov. 11. Mrs. Frances Studley, Aged 50, bur.

June 23. William Simpson M.D. of this parish & Ann Powell of St. Chad’s, mar.

Sep. 1. Richard Corfield of Hopesay clerk & Diana Margaretta Peele of this Pariahs, mar.


June 25. Thomas Kyle Adjutant of the Shrewsbury yeomanry Cavalry, bur.

Aug. 1. Miss Bridget Glynne Spinster (in the Church), bur.

Aug. 5. Joshua John s. of Joshua & Eliza Peele, bap.

Aug. 12. Thomas s. of John & Gwenna Lewis, bap.


Mar. 3. Charles Hulbert of this Parish & Hannah Wood of the Parish of St. Chad, mar.

Mar. 9. Edward Glynne Esqr. Aged 6! Bur.

May 7. John Ravenshaw of Atcham & Ann Miere of this Parish, mar.

Oct. 13. John s. of John & Elizabeth Lockley, bap.


Jan. 24. Charles Augustus s. of Charles & Hannah Hulbert, bap.

Sep. 30. John Corbett Esq. (Formerly John Hunt) (These words are interlined in pencil), bur.


Oct. 1. Pryce Tarbuck, Aged 75, bur.


Feb. 10. Edward s. of Mark & Mary Auden, bap.

Oct. 6. William Wood of the Parish of St. Alkmond and Elizabeth Peele of this Parish, mar.


May 12. Charles Price Stanier Esqr. Aged 32 (in the Church), bur.

July 4. Theophilus Barney & Rebecca Hempoon, mar.

July 9. John Bickerton Oare & Letitia Brookes, mar.

Aug. 26. Henry Peele Esqr. Aged 62, bur.


Nov. 20. Mrs. Elizabeth Stanier Aged 70 (in the Church), bur.


June 16. Eliza d. of Samuel & Sabina Lee Schoolmaster, bap.


Dec. 30. Diana Margaretta d. of Joshua & Eliza Peele, bap.

Source: Transactions of the Shropshire Archaeological Society 1st Series Vol. X 1887.