Acton Burnell Baptisms and Burials 1810 to 1812

Jan. 9. Richard, s. of Richd. & Sarah Lloyd, bur.
Feb. 25. Robert, s. of Thos. & Mary Meek, bap.
May 24. Richard Everall (blacksmith), bur.
July 31. Elizabeth Rowley, of the Township of Ruckley & Langley, bur.
Aug. 5. Jane, d. of Paul & Elizabeth Grainger, of the Causey Wood, bap.
Aug. 5. Mary Reynolds, bur.
[Copied thus far for Litchfield Court.] Oct. 12. John Bayley, bur.
Nov. 27. William, s. of John & Mary Challinor, bap.
Nov. 30. William, s. of Richd. & Sarah Bould, bur.
Dec. 6. Eliza, d. of Richd. & Mary Deakin, of Langley, bap.
Dec. 9. Martha, d. of Edward & Sarah Colley, bap.
Dec. 13. Elijah, s. of Saml. & Elizabeth Swanwick, bur.

Jan. 13. Jane, d. of Margt. Wall, of Ruckley, a base Child, bap.
Jan. 23. Ann Grimshaw (wid.), bur.
Jan. 30. Sarah Anne, d. of John & Margt. Davies, of Ruckley, bap.
Feb. 27. John, s. of Thomas & Elizabeth Partridge, bur.
Mar. 5. Ann Jones (wid.), bur.
June 30. Ann, d. of John Coats (widower), bur.
Sep. 29. John, s. of Richd. & Jane Jones, bap.
Oct. 27. Mary, d. of John & Margaret Simmons, of the p. of Llandogo, Monmouthshire, bap.
Oct. 31. Jane, d. of Joseph & Elizabeth Meadlin, bap.
Nov. 19. Ann Weeks, of Ruckley, bur.
Dec. 21. Robert Owen, bur.
Dec. 29. John, s. of Richd. & Maria Stedman, bap.

Jan. 18. Ann Corfield, bur.
Jan. 29. Richard, s. of John Hiram Durnell & Mary, bap.
Jan. 30. Mary, d. of Richd. & Mary Deakin, of Langley, bap.
Feb. 17. Thomas Partridge, bur.
Mar. 13. Margaret, d. of the said Thomas Partridge & Elizabeth his w., bur.
Apr. 5. John, s. of Thos. & Sarah Oliver, bap.
Apr. 5. John, s. of Thomas & Elizabeth Kidson, bap.
Apr. 10. Mary Grainger, of the p. of Kenley, bur.
May 17. Margaret Grainger, of the p. of Kenley (wid.), bur.
May 21. Mrs. Elizabeth Price (wid.), of the p. of Ellesmere, bur.
Sep. 17. The Revd. John Lea, Rector of this Parish, bur.
Oct. 31. Joseph, s. of Mary Davies (a base Child), bap.
Nov. 3. The said Mary Davies, bur.
Nov. 10. Richard Grainger of the Causey Wood, bur.
Robt. Maddocks, Curate.
Dec. 30. Mrs. Cooper (wid.), bur.
James Hoggins, Minister.


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