Buckton Kellys Herefordshire and Shropshire Directory 1941

Buckton with Coxall is a township, in the parish of Bucknell, Shropshire, in the Leominster division of the county , Wigmore hundred, Leominster and Wigmore rural district, Knighton county court district and petty sessional division, and has a station on the Great Western railway. Buckton consists of a few farms , and Coxall of one farm and several cottage farms, about 1 mile from the parish church and 6 north-east from Knighton station on the Shrewsbury-Builth Road section of the London, Midland and Scottish railway. The church or chapel of ease of St. James, erected in 1877, at a cost of about £100, is an iron structure with a western turret containing one bell: services are occasionally held here, but the inhabitants chiefly attend the churches of Bucknell and Brampton Bryan. John Ralph Henry Harley esq. J.P. is lord of the manor and sole landowner. The soil is loamy; subsoil, sandy. The chief crops are wheat, burley and turnips. The area is 1,300, acres of land and 13 of water; the population in 1931 was 141.

Letters for Buckton and Coxall through Bucknell, Shropshire. Brampton Bryan is the nearest M. O. & T. office.


Marked thus * farm 150 acres or over.

Burgoyne Morgan, miller (water). Leintwardine 233
* Davies Chas. Farmer, Lower Buckton. Leintwardine 232
* Manford Saml. Christian, farmer, Buckton pk. Leintwardine 209
* Whiteman Leslie, farmer, White ho. Leintwardine 242


Marked thus * farm 150 acres or over.

Hughes Ellen (miss), cowkeeper
Jacks Edwin, cottage farmer
Jarret Harry, cottage farmer
Jones William, cottage farmer
Lewis Albt. Cottage farmer
Page Jn. Cottage farmer
Rogers Roger, cottage farmer
Rogers Thos. cottage farmer
* Thomas Jn. Farmer, Coxal farm. Bucknell 212

Source: Kelly’s Directory of Herefordshire & Shropshire 1941, published by Kelly’s Directories Ltd 1941. Reproduced with the kind permission of the publishers Kelly’s Directories Ltd and Reed Business Information

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