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Jan. 24.  Marth, d. of Thos. and Elizabeth Ralphs of St. Alkmond’s (born Dec. 30, 1789), bap.
Jan. 24. Samuel, s. of Samuel and Mary Salter (born Jan. 7.), bap.
April 14. Robert, s. of Henry and Alice Legh (born March 6), bap.
Inspected F. Wynn.
Oct. 3. Willm, s. of Saml. and Kathe Dodd of St. Alkmund’s Parish (born Sept. 18), bap.
Nov. 29. Willm, s. of Willm and Mary Careswel (born Nov. 11), bap.
Dec. 2. Elizab., d. of Richard and Mary Higginson (aged 47), bur.
Dec. 14. Richard Higginson, aged 86, bur.
John Earp, Depy.

Oct. 30. Jane Humphreyson from Berwick Almshouse widow, aged 79, bur.
Nov. 13. Elizabeth, d. of Willm Winnall (son of Mr. James Winnall, Apothecary, Shrewsbury), and Mary (born Nov. 5.), bap.
E. Williams, Minister.

Jan. 21. John Tomkis bachelor, aged 49, bur.
Feb. 19. Elizab., d. of Thos: and Elizabeth Ralphs of St. Alkmond’s Parish (born Jan. 29), bap.
Feb. 26. Hannah, d. of Elias and Mary Jones of Harlescot (born Feb. 9.), bap.
Mar. 11. Robert, s. of Peter and Mary Hopwood of Harlescot (born Feb. 12.), bap.
April 1. Mary, d. of John and Elizab. Barnfield (born March 17), bap.
April 30. Christiana, d. of Samuel and Mary Salter (aged 6 years), bur.
July 22. Elizabeth, d. of John and Elizabeth Humphreyson of Harlescot (born July 12), bap.
Copied for the Bishop’s Court
F. Wynn Pro Collr.
Oct. 7. Mary, d. of John and Sarah Roberts (born Sept. 25), bap.
Dec. 29. Mary, d. of John & Eliz. Barnfield (born March 17, 1792), bur.

Jan. 6. Richard, s. of William and Mary Wicherley (born Sept. 29, 1791, and baptized by the Minister of Adbrighton), bap.
Feb. 27. John Dod, aged 26, bur.
June 12. Anne, widow of Thos. Shore, aged 79, from Lee Brockhurst, bur.
July 31. Hannah, d. of John and Mary Moreton (bap. Oct. 19, 1788), bur.
Aug. 9. Wm., s. of Wm. Lawrance and Elizth. baptized here Oct. 2nd, 1763, and drowned at Coalbrook Dale, bur.
F. Wynn Pro Collr.

Jan. 5. Jane, d. of Thos. and Elizab. Ralphes of St. Alkmund’s Parish (born Dec. 11, 1793), bap.
Jan. 8. Richard Evans, Joiner, aged 73, bur.
Jan. 12. Elizabeth, d. of Thos. and Martha Wicherley (born Jan. 3.), bap.
Jan. 12. Henry, s. of Robert Legh of Huffley (deceased) and Eleanor, aged 26, bur.
Feb. 16. Frances, d. of William and Mary Winnal (born Dec. 23, 1793), bap.
N.B. – Feby. 1794, The Act of Parlt appointing a Tax of 3d upon every Baptism, Wedding, and Burial, was repealed (ye Repeal to take place on ye 1st of Oct. next).
Mar. 25. Mary, widow of Richard Evans of Cross Hill, in St. Alkmond’s Parish, Shrewsbury, aged above 90 years, bur.
Edward Williams, Minister.
April 13. Mary, d. of Wm. and Hannah Lawrence (born at Uffington, July 15, 1790), bap.
May 29. Thomas, 3rd s. of ye late John Moreton of Adbrighton Hussey, aged 39, bur.
July 20. Edward, s. of John and Elizabeth Barnfield (born July 11), bap.
Sept. 19. Elizabeth Farmer, a Pauper of the Chapelry of Hadnal (bap. here July 19, 1747), bur.
Sept. 28. William Lawrence, Labourer, aged 62, died Sept. 25., bur.
F. Wynn, Pro Collr.