Market Drayton 1791

Drayton is a market-town, pleasantly situated on the river Tern, which here separates Shropshire from Staffordshire.  It is distant from Shrewsbury nineteen miles, from Stafford nineteen, from Chester thirty, and from London one hundred and fifty.  It lies about three miles from Tern-hill inn, which stands in the great road leading from London to Chester.  Here is a manufactory for hair-weaving, such as chair-seats, sieve-bottoms, &c.  Its market-day is Wednesday, with a small market on Saturday for butchers’ meat, &c.  Here are four fairs in a year, viz. nine days before Easter, nearest Wednesday to the 22nd of June, September 19, and the 26th of October.  This town has an ancient church dedicated to St. Mary, the tower of which is now standing.  The church was rebuilt in the year 1782. – The principal inns are the Talbot and the Phoenix. – The following are the principal inhabitants:
Gentry, &c.

Alcock Mr. John
Bate Mr. John
Beswick Mr. John
Clayton Mrs. widow
Clive Miss
Corbet Mrs. widow
D’Avenant Thomas, Esq. Justice of the Peace
Davison Miss
Dicken Miss
Eaton Miss
Grooby Miss
Hand Miss Caroline
Hinton Philip, Esq.
Jervis Henry Zacharias, Esq.
Judgson Miss Jesse
Judgson Miss Susan
Justice Philip, Esq.
Justice Mrs. widow
Nichols Miss Elizabeth
Nichols Miss Peggy
Olive John, Esq.
Preston Mr. John
Simpson Mr. John
Simpson Mr. George
Steel Mr. William
Swanwick Mr. Thomas, sen.
White Mrs. widow
Wood Mrs. widow


Judgson Rev. Wm. Rector of Adderly
Peake Richard Mason, Curate
Stubs John Pauntny, Vicar of Drayton
Scot Jonathan, Dig Minister


Arden Doctor
Farbeck William, Apothecary and Man-midwife
Grosvenor Doctor John
Hopkins Thomas, Apothecary, Surgeon, and Man-midwife
Warly Jarvis, Ditto
Pretty Princep, Surgeon


Dicken Thomas and Warren Joseph, Attorneys
Grosvenor Robert, Attorney
Harrison Richard, Attorney

Traders, &c.

Allen Charles, Phoenix Inn
Armstrong Benj. Ironmonger, Grocer, and Dealer in Drugs
Atherton William, Cotton-manufacturer, and Governor of the Poor-house
Axon George, Staymaker
Bailey Roger, Shoemaker
Bailey Benjamin, Liquor-merchant, and Under Master of the Grammar School
Baker William, Tanner
Bate – , Spinning-wheel Maker
Batho Thomas, Taylor
Batho Mrs. Huckster
Beaton Rich. Victualler, (Royal Oak)
Benbow Thomas, Cabinet-maker
Besford Philip, Huckster and Maltster
Bird Thomas, Baker
Boon James, Joiner
Bossey John, Shoemaker
Bossey Richard, Baker
Bossey Benjamin, Staymaker
Boot Richard, Silk-mercer, Linen and Woollen Draper, and Dealer in Hats
Brazier – , Banker
Bruse Thomas, Huckster
Bruckshaw George, blacksmith
Burgess John, Blacksmith
Cartwright John, sen. Cooper
Cartwright Robert, Timber-merchant
Challenor Thomas, Milliner and Haberdasher
Cox Joseph, sen. Weaver
Cox Thomas, Shoemaker
Cradock Isaac, Shoemaker
Croxton – , Silk-mercer and Linen-draper, and Sub-distributor of Stamps
Dale Thomas, Victualler
Darbyshire Tho. Baker and Victualler
Davis Samuel, Tanner, Manufacturer, Hair-weaver, &c.
Done Thomas, Shoemaker
Downward Widow, Talbot Inn
Edge Thomas, Huckster
Ely Thomas, Farmer
Embrey John, Maltster, Farmer, Victualler, and Common-carrier to Stafford
Farnell Zacharias, Taylor
Farnell William, Taylor
Faulkner John, Brazier and Tinman
Follows Thomas, Turner
Ford Miss, Boarding-school
Forrester Thomas, Schoolmaster
Frith John, Butcher
Glover Richard, Sadler and Shopkeeper
Goodall John, Sadler
Grant Thomas, Upholsterer
Gray John, Glazier
Griffith John, Breeches-maker
Griffith William, Joiner
Grosvenor John, Joiner
Hall John, sen. Cooper
Hall William, jun. Cooper
Harding Richard, Victualler, (Angel)
Harding Richard, Schoolmaster
Harrison Thomas, sen. Farmer
Harrison William, jun. Grazier
Harrison Widow, Shopkeeper
Haslam and Higs, Paper-makers
Haywood John, Baker
Hill John, Currier and Leather-cutter
Hocknell John, Victualler, (George)
Horton Widow, Tea-dealer
Hulse Ralph, Watch and Clock Maker
Jarvis John, Victualler, (Bell)
Jones Walter, sen. Bricklayer
Jones Thomas, Bricklayer
Jones Richard, Bricklayer
Larton William, Skinner
Larton John, Baker
Lateward Rowland, Maltster and Gingerbread-baker
Lee Edward, Skinner
Lester Thomas, Silk-mercer and Draper
Lewellin John, Breeches-maker
Lewellin Benjamin, Shoemaker
Locket Samuel, Blacksmith
Manly William, Bricklayer
Masender – , Joiner and Carpenter
Meredith Widow, Breeches-maker
Morris John, Painter
Mulinex Joseph, Stonemason
Mundy Joseph, Hatter
Nicklin Mrs. Victualler, (Lion,)
Panton Richard, Maltster and Victualler
Parsonage John, Plumber and Glazier
Pickstock Richard, Taylor
Pool Thomas, Currier
Preston Thomas, Currier
Pugh Joseph, Weaver
Ray Jn. Hair-manufacturer for Chair-seating, &c.
Reed John, Maltster
Radford George, Victualler, (Cock)
Richards John, Brazier
Roberts Matthew, Gardener
Shropshire John, sen. Victualler
Shropshire John, jun. Stonemason
Shropshire William, Stonemason
Silitoe Aaron, Butcher
Silitoe Thomas, Butcher
Simester Hugh, Ropemaker
Stevens – , Shoemaker
Steventon – , Shoemaker
Swanwick Thomas, Mercer and Draper
Swinehat Widow, Cabinet-maker and Stationer
Taylor John, Malt-miller
Taylor William, Victualler, (Sun)
Taylor William, Taylor
Taylor T. Shopkeeper and Chair-maker
Timmis James, Locksmith
Trentham Timothy, Cabinet-maker
Vernon Mrs. Tea-dealer
Walford Mrs. Schoolmistress
Walford Misses, Mantua-makers
Warrington Rich. Butcher and Victualler
Wilks John, Maltster
Woodnit Thomas, Wheelwright
Wycherly William, Wheelwright

About two miles from Drayton was fought the memorable battle of Bloorheath, upon which spot was erected a stone cross, with an inscription, to perpetuate this memorable action.  This battle was fought in 1459; and Lord Audley, who commanded the house of Lancaster, was defeated and slain.  The Earl of Salisbury fought for the house of York; he was made a general by King Henry VI.  Of this battle it is to be remarked, that the Earl if Salisbury, with five thousand men, beat Lord Audley, who had ten thousand, after a most bloody engagement.
The principal seats in the neighbourhood are, Shevington, four miles distant, the seat of the Right Honourable Lord Kilmorey – Almington, two miles, the seat of Mrs. Pigot. – Oakly-hall, three miles, the seat of Sir John Chetwood. – Bolton, two miles, the seat of William Church Norcop, Esq. – Muxon, four miles, the seat of the Rev. Ofley Crew. – Hills, five miles, the seat of Henry Zacharias Jervis, Esq. – Peplow, seven miles, the seat of Robert Pigot, Esq. – Stoke, four miles, the seat of the Rev. the Dean of Chester – Buntingsdale-hall, one mile, the seat of William Tayleur, Esq. – Stych, two miles, the seat of William Clive, Esq. – Adderly-hall, four miles, the seat of Sir Corbet Corbet. – Peatswood, two miles, the seat of Thomas Dicken, Esq. – Bolas-heath, six miles, a villa of the Right Honourable the Earl of Exeter.

Source: Universal British Directory