Shiffnal (Shifnal) 1791

Is one hundred and thirty-six miles from London, twenty-six from Birmingham, twelve from Wolverhampton, eighteen from Salop, eight from Wellington, eight from Newport, ten from Bridgenorth, eight from Broseley, and five from the iron bridge.  The market is on Tuesday; and two fairs in a year, on the 5th of August and 22nd of November.  Here is a small charity-school.
In Shiffnal church is the following inscription: “William Wakely was baptized at Idsall, alias Shiffnal, May 1, 1591, and buried at Adbaston, November 28, 1714, his age one hundred and twenty-four and upwards: he lived in the reigns of eight kings and queens.” (viz. Elizabeth, James I, Charles I and II, James II. William and Mary, Anne, and George I.)
Shiffnal lies in the direct road from London to Holyhead. – The mail-coach sets out every morning for London at nine o’clock; and in the afternoon for Shrewsbury at half-past four: inside fare to London 2l 2s. outside 1l 4s – The Balloon coach every day: inside fare 1l 16s. outside 18s – Prince of Wales coach every other day: inside fare 1l 10s 6d. outside 16s. – The heavy coach, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, sets out about six o’clock in the morning: inside fare 1l 12s. outside 16s.
A wagon sets out for London every Wednesday morning, and one arrives from London the same day: inns at the Castle and Falcon, Aldersgate-street.

The following are the principal inhabitants:

Gentry, &c.

Appleby George, Esq.
Bailey Mr. John, (F.)
Beddoes Richard, Esq. (F.)
Byne Major Charles
Cuxon R. Gent. (F.)
Felton Mr. George, (F.)
Holmes Mrs.
Jones Mrs.
Owen – , Gent.


Dean Rev. Robert, Master of the Grammar-school
Leeke Rev. William
Morris Rev. Richard
Rogers Rev. John, Vicar


Beddoes Thomas, M.D.
Stanner and Bennett, Surgeons and Apothecaries
Wenlock Richard, Surgeon
Yale Ann, Druggist
Young and Bailey, Surgeons and Apothecaries


Brown Gilbert, (F.) Attorney
Phillips Revel, (F.) Attorney
Slaney Moreton Aglionby, Attorney

Traders, &c.

Altree William, Baker
Amies Richard, Maltster
Bartley John, Grocer
Beresford T. (F.) Maltster
Brooke Richard, Hair-dresser
Bullock William, Cabinet-maker
Butler – , Exciseman
Cherrington W. (F.) Carrier
Cherrington William, (F.) Timber-merchant
Chune Thomas, Clockmaker
Clomson John, Taylor
Cooper Michael, (F.) Sadler
Corbet John, Grocer, Chandler, and Druggist
Cox Ann, white Lion Inn
Cox Job, Breeches-maker
Culwich William, Sadler
Downing John, Shoemaker
Duppa – , Tanner
Foxall Thomas, (F.) Skinner, Glover, and Breeches-maker
Halley George, sen. Cabinet-maker and Auctioneer
Halley George, jun. Cabinet-maker
Hammersly William, (F.) Miller and Baker
Harding Peter, Ironmonger, Chandler, and Grocer
Hassall John, Butcher
Hayward George, Staymaker
Hurd Esther, Grocer
Hurd John, (F.) Ironmonger and Grocer
Ingram John, (F.) Schoolmaster
Jones Richard, Mercer and Draper
Lawrence William, Blacksmith
Martin Samuel, Shoemaker
Masefield Barth. (F.) Hair-dresser
Masefield John, (F.) Wheelwright
Masefield, Higgins, and Co. Mercers and Drapers
Nock Sarah, Victualler
Onions Thomas, (F.) Blacksmith
Parker Joseph, Sadler & Harness-maker
Pidgeon Henry, shoemaker
Pidgeon Robert, (F.) Currier and Maltster
Price George, Angel Inn
Reynolds Joseph, (F.) Maltster
Richards Edw. Skinner and Breeches-maker
Robinson Ann, Red Lion Inn
Roden Thomas, (F.) Butcher
Rushton John, Butcher
Samprooke Hannah, Post-mistress
Scarrott Thomas, Gardener
Scarrott William, Printer & Bookseller
Skyrmsher Mytton, Grocer
Summers Richard, (F.) Maltster
Swan Benjamin, Breeches-maker
Taylor William, Maltster
Taylor Rich, (F.) Plumber & Glazier
Thomason Richard, (F.) Maltster
Wall Ann, Talbot Inn
Whitehouse John, (F.) Blacksmith and Farrier
Yates Thomas, (F.) Builder

Hamlets in the parish of Shiffnal, with the principal residents in each.

Hatton, two miles south-east from Shiffnall.
Hurd John, Gent. (F.)
Jones Samuel, (F.)
Slaney Robert, Esq. Hatton-house
Wright John

Wyke, one mile from Shiffnal.  William Rushton, (F.)

Neard, one mile from ditto.  John Smith, (F.)

Haughton, half a mile from Shifnal, Ralph Leeke, Esq. (F.)  Richard Amies, (F.)  Leonard Ward, (F.)

Drayton, one mile north from Shiffnal, on the borders of Staffordshire.  Honourable Thomas Fitzwilliams, Decker-hill.  Thomas Paddey, Esq.

Between Drayton and Newport is Bloreheath, famous for a battle fought between the houses of York and Lancaster, wherein Nevil earl of Salisbury for the former, with five thousand men only, beat Lord Audley with ten thousand men, after a most bloody engagement.  A remarkable stone cross is erected upon the spot where Lord Audley was slain; and near this heath stands Oakley, a fine seat of Sir John Chetwode, Bart.
Newport, on the borders of Staffordshire, is a little market-town where is one of the noblest foundations for a school in the whole kingdom, endowed by Mr. Adams, an haberdasher of London, to the value of seven thousand pounds.  The school is seventy feet long, twenty-two wide, and the same in height; a library, an house for both master and usher, forty pounds a-year to the first, and twenty to the other; and a garden to each house of an acre, and two acres for the boys to play in.  near it he has likewise built an alms-house; and gave five hundred and fifty pounds towards building the town-house. – There is likewise an English school in this town, of a very ancient foundation, free to all the inhabitants, worth about thirty pounds a-year, and in the gift of the crown. Newport gave the title of baron to the late Earls of Bradford, and the Earls of Shrewsbury and Gower are joint lords of the manor.  The facetious Tom Brown was a native of this town, his father being a tanner therein.
Coppice-green. John Smith, (F.) Builder
Aston-hall. John Moultrie, Esq.
Stanton. Richard Phillips, (F.)  John Roden, (F.)
Upton. Richard Langley, (F.) Windmill Inn
Priors-lee, two miles and a half from Shiffnal. Rev. Edward Roberts.  Benjamin Rowley, Proprietor of the extensive Coal-works at Pain’s Lane and Oaken Gates, near Shiffnal.

Villages near Shiffnal, with the principal inhabitants resident at each.

Kemberton, three miles south-west from Shiffnal,  Rev. George Baker, and George Wilday Hurd, Paper-maker

Beckbury, four miles from Shiffnal, on the borders of Staffordshire.


Bailey James, Gent.
Bettany Mr. John, (F.)
Wilks Robert, Gent.


Stubbs Walter, (F.) Attorney


Child Peter, Staymaker

Ryton, three miles from Shiffnal.


Mountford Rev. Richard

Traders, &c.

Bright Francis, (F.) Shoemaker
Causer Francis, (F.) Shoemaker
Sishton Mr. George, (F.)
Harding Mr. Samuel, (F.)

Sheriff Hales, in the county of Stafford, three miles from Shiffnal.  Mr. Thomas York, (F.)

Albrighton, Shropshire, five miles from Shiffnal.  Here are fairs May 23, July 18, and November 9.


Bailey Mr. Thomas, (F.)
Broomall Addison, Gent. (F.)
Wood Mr. John, (F.) Whiston


Lawrence Rev. Mr.


Crump George, Surgeon and Apothecary

Traders, &c.

Baddely Thomas, (F.) Clockmaker
Birch William, (F.) Taylor
Blakeway Charles, (F.) Clock and Watchmaker
Boulton James, Sadler
Bradburn William, Gardener
Brown Benjamin, (F.) Blacksmith
Causer William, Shoemaker
Duke James, (F.) Blacksmith
Evans Francis, Grocer
Harris William, Glazier
Howel John, Blacksmith
Lewis Mary, Harp Inn
Meeson Thomas, (F.) Miller and Maltster
Owen Edward, (F.) Butcher
Smith George, (F.) Maltster
Sutton Thomas, Wheelwright
Thomas Thomas, Stonemason
Thomas John, Joiner

Dunnington, four miles from Shiffnal.  Rev. John Chappel Woodhouse.

Killshal. John Bishton, (F.) and George Baylis.

Tong, three miles from Shiffnal, ten from Wolverhampton and Bridgenorth, twenty from Shrewsbury, and one hundred and thirty from London.  From hence to the curious and much-admired iron bridge over the Severn it is about eight miles.  This structure is amazingly grand.  At about six hundred yards from the castle, in the park, stands the venerable parish-church, a much-admired piece of antiquity, remarkable for having one of the largest bells in England, as well as may rich, elegant, and ancient, monuments.


Paine Honourable Major
Plowden Edm. Esq. (F.) Tong-castle


Bridgewood William, Cooper
Phillips Richard, Butcher

Weston, Staffordshire, three miles from Shiffnal.  Sir Henry Bridgeman, Bart. (F.)  Rev. Rice Williams.  Samuel Smith, (F.) Wheelwright.

Beighterton.  Gustavus Younge, Surgeon

Blymhill, Staffordshire.  Rev. Mr. Dickenson

Woodhouse, near Shiffnal.  John Hammonds, (F.)

Source: Universal British Directory 1791

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