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Was incorporated by Queen Elizabeth, and held two fairs, one on the 6th of May for cattle, &c. the other for cattle, hiring servants, &c. and a market on Friday.  It is situated on the bank of the river Avon, seven miles from Evesham, seven from Stratford, fifteen from Warwick, eighteen from Worcester, nine from Campden, four from Alcester, and one hundred from London.
The manor belongs to Lady Skipworth, who holds a court-leet, by her deputy, once a year.  The place was formerly considerable, but is now much reduced. – The following are the principal inhabitants:

Gentry, &c.
Rhodes William, Gent.
Slatter Thomas, sen. Gent. (F.)
Slatter Thomas, jun. Gent. (F.)
Wilks Edward, Gent. (F.)
Walford John, Esq. (F.)

Holyoak Rev. Henry, Vicar

Harbidge William, (F.) Attorney & Bailiff of the Corporation

Traders, &c.
Ashwin Manly, Farmer
Backer Robert, (F.) Cooper and Victualler (Bull’s Head)
Biddle Henry, Farmer and Maltster
Biddle George, Shopkeeper
Bossward John, Carpenter
Bossward John, Peruke-maker
Beezeley Samuel, Chandler
Butler James, Butcher
Bowler Ellin and Margaret, Governesses
Chamberlaine John, Cordwainer
Chare Thomas, (F.) Farmer
Edkins John, Stone-mason
Edkins Henry, Butcher and Shopkeeper
Elvens John, Stone-mason
Evans Edward, Stone-cutter
Gardner George, Fisherman
Gardner Luke, Net-maker & Fisherman
Gray Thomas, Linen-weaver
Haines Nathaniel, (F.) Wheelwright
Hale Thomas, Carpenter
Hale John, Cordwainer
Hatton James, Fishmonger
Helthon Thomas, Carpenter
Hemming John, Taylor
Hemming Thomas, Farmer
Hemming William, Farmer
Hodges John, Farmer
Honton George, Stone-cutter
Hurst George, (F.) Farmer
Hurst Henry, Farmer
Hurst John, (F.) Farmer
Jones John, (F.) Taylor
Jones William, Carpenter
Nicknolds Thomas, Taylor
Oakes Elizabeth, School-mistress
Oakes Job, Sunday-school Master
Osborn Edward, Blacksmith
Osborn John, sen. Farmer
Osborn John, (F.) Farmer and Miller
Osborn Mark, (F.) Soap-boiler, Chandler, and Grocer
Osborn William, Blacksmith
Owin Richard, Bricklayer
Popplewell Mary, Shopkeeper
Price John, Stone-mason
Quiney John, sen. (F.) Farmer, Maltster, and Victualler (Malt Shovel)
Quiney John, Baker
Redding John, Wheelwright
Rhodes Richard, Farmer
Roper Henry, Carrier and Waggoner
Rushell John, (F.) Maltster
Rushell Thomas, Gardener
Sale Ann, Manuta-maker
Sale John, Cordwainer, Parish Clerk, & Victualler (Boot)
Sale Thomas, (F.) Cordwainer, Maltster, & Victualler (White Hart)
Sale William, Shoemaker
Scriven Richard, Stay-maker
Sheaff Rich. (F.) Weaver & Bleacher
Sheaff Samuel, Farmer
Smith Thomas, Maltster
Stanley John, Carpenter
Tomes Elizabeth and Benjamin, Sadlers and Collar-makers
Tomes Eliz. Victualler (White Lion)
Turbyfield Robert, Brick-maker
Wadley William, Farmer
Walford Thomas, (F.) Chandler
Warmington Joseph, Bricklayer
Wheeler William, Miller and Baker
Wilkes Job, Stone-mason
Wilkes John, (F.) Stone-mason and Victualler (Apothecaries Arms)
Wilkes John, Stone-mason
Wilkes Joseph, sen. Victualler
Wilkes Joseph, jun. Stone-mason
Wilkes Paul, Stone-mason
Wilkes Solomon, (F.) Stone-mason

Source: Universal British Directory 1791