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Lidney is a mean inconsiderable town, on the border of Monmouthshire; although described in our topographical surveys as a market-town, it has long lost all appearance of a market.  The market was formerly on a Wednesday.  Here are two annual fairs, May 4 and November 8.  The road from Gloucester to Chepstow passes through here.
Lidney is distant from Gloucester twenty miles, Monmouth twelve, Chepstow eight, Newnham eight, Dean ten, and from London seventy-one miles.  It is seated on the west bank of the river Severn.  Here are the remains of a large Roman encampment with foundations of many ancient buildings, among which are the ruin of a Roman hypocaust or bath of an oval form; a great number of Roman antiquities and coins are found here.  Contiguous to this place are the iron-forge, furnace, and collieries, of Messrs. Pidcock, of Stourbridge.  There is no coach or regular conveyance to or from Lidney.  The only good inn is the Feathers. – The following are the principal inhabitants:

Gentry, &c.

Bathurst Thomas, Esq. (F.) Lidney Park
Clewer Joseph, Gent. (F.)
Cowles Charles, Gent. (F.)
Curtis – , Gent.
Jennings Mrs.
Paed John, Gent. (F.)
Tanner David, Esq. (F.)
Wade Thomas, Gent. (F.)
Wade Mrs.


Birt Rev. Canon, (F.) Vicar
Jones Rev. – , Curate


Asher James, Surgeon

Traders, &c.

Boughton William, Butcher
Browning Thomas, (F.) Shopkeeper
Davis John, Soap-boiler
Harrison Thomas, (F.) Purveyor of the Forest of Dean
Hewlett Thomas, Wheelwright
Holder Thomas, Innkeeper, (Feathers)
Hook Richard, Maltster
Howell John, Grazier
Huntley William, (F.) Carpenter
Inman Ja. Innkeeper, Purton-passage
Jacobs Jacob, Mason
Pritchard – , Organist
Williams William, (F.) Wheelwright
Winter John, Innkeeper, Newarn

Contiguous to Lidney is the fine seat of Thomas Bathurst, Esq. called Lidney Park. – James Selwyn, Esq. has a seat at Woodside. John Byrkin Thomas, Esq. at Oatfield. – John Wade, Esq. at Awre. – At Tidenham is the seat of — Williams, Esq. – Blakeney is the seat of —- Barber, Esq. – And, Strote is the seat of the Rev. Stephen Sayce.

Source: Universal British Directory 1791