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The following are its inhabitants:


Samways Roddon, Esq. (F.)


Jenkins Rev. William, Vicar

Lewis Rev. Evan, Curate

Traders, &c.

Adams John, (F.) Schoolmaster

Ansford Ralph, Farmer

Boatswain William, Master of the Swift Brig

Brodby Richard, Stone Mason

Brodby Thomas, Stone Mason

Brodby Robert, Stone Mason

Bryant John, (F.) Farmer

Clark William, Cordwainer

Clark John, Farmer

Cooper William, Mercer and Haberdasher

Crew Joseph, sen. Farmer

Crew Joseph, jun. Mercer and Cotton Manufacturer

Critchell John, Blacksmith

Etheredge William, Baker

Ford William, Farmer

Gibbons John, sen. Farmer

Gibbons John, jun. Farmer

Green John, The Ship Inn

Gee Robert, Blacksmith

Haine William, Taylor

Hibditch – , Victualler

Jerrard John, Farmer

Lovelass James, Farmer

Mullens William, Cordwainer

Porter Ward Richard, Farmer

Pointer John, Farmer

Pitman James, Farmer

Rendall John, Fishmonger

Rendall Benjamin, Victualler, the George

Salisbury William, Carpenter and Joiner

Tullidge John, Baker

Watson David, Cooper

Watson Abraham, Cordwainer

Ward John, (F.) Mercer

West John, Victualler, the Swan

Wood Angel, Cordwainer

Source: The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture 1791. Vol. 2.