Leebotwood Baptisms and Burials 1780 to 1784


Jan. 4. Elizabeth, w. of William Holmes of Bishop’s Castle, bur.

Jan. 12. Ann, d. of Thomas & Mary Howels, bap.

Jan. 23. Job, base ch. of Martha Hughes, bap.

Mar. 5. Sarah, d. of Richd. & Eliz. Davies, bap.

The entries for the next four years are in many different handwritings.

June 29. Charlotte, base ch. of Jane Morris, bap.

Nov. 12. Margaret, w. of [blank] Williams, bur.

Dec. 17. Mary, d. of Wm. & Eliz. Hammond, bap.


Jan. 1. Mary, d. of Wm. & Eliz. Hammond, [bur.?]

Feb. 19. Charlotte, base ch. of Jane Maurice, [blank]

Apr. 8. Anne, base ch. of Hannah Hotchkis, [blank]

June 10. Sarah, d. of Joseph & Anne Preece, [blank]

Aug. 5. Hanah [d.] of Richd. & Mary Everall, bap.

Aug. 21. John Watters, bur.

Sep. 11. Abigail Partrige, bur.

Sep. 17. Fran(c)es Curtis, bur.

Sep. 23. Thomas, [s.] of Thomas & Sarah Breess, bap.

Oct. 7. Anne, d. of Thos. & Sarah Jones, bap.

Dec. 24. Martha, w. of John Bishop, bur.


Jan. 12. Elizabeth, w. of Edwd. Kite, bur.

Jan. 31. Mary, d. of Joseph & Mary Wycherly of Longnor, bur.

Feb. 7. Thomas Hughes, late of Church Stretton, farrier. He was found dead near to Micklewood, in the turnpike road leading to Salop; after lying nearly two days in Longnor Chapell the Inquest sat and the Verdict was Death by a Fit, [?no] person or persons being accessory thereto.

Feb. 24. John, s. of Samuel & Susanah Heighway, bap.

Mar. 4. William, s. of Thos. Luther, junr., & Eliz. his w., bap.

Mar. 26. Mary, d. of Francis & Anne Brown, bur.

Apr. 4. Richard Wharton of Longnor, bur.

Apr. 22. Anne Brown, bur.

May 5. Thomas, s. of John & Anne Pitt, bap.

Aug. 9. Robert, s. of Robert More, Esqr., of Micklewood & Eliz. his w., bap.


Jan. 12. Mary Parker, widow, bur.

Apr. 27. John, s. of Richd. & Eliz. Davis, bap.

Copyd this far – and here the tax commences.


Jan. 19. Edward, base ch. of Elizabeth Gallery, bap.

Feb. 10. Francis Brown, of this p., bur.

Feb. 11. William, s. of Richd. Everall, of the Day house in the p. of Cardington (at Leebotwood), bur.

Feb. 25. Jane Williams, of the p. of Church Preine, bur.

N.B. – Mar. 7. 1784, The Revd. David Rice, Curate of Leebotwood, died, and was succeded by the Rev. Lewis Williams.

Apr. 9. Edward, s. of Joseph & Ann Price, bap.

Here handwriting changes.

Apr. 20. William Phipps of this p., bur.

May 9. Elizabeth, d. of Wm. & Eliz. Hammonds, bap.

July 11. Richard, s. of Charles & Mary Burgess (b. June 24), bap.

Oct. 30. Hannah, d. of Richd. & Martha Tomlins, bap.

Nov. 16. Pauton, s. of Revd. Joseph & Jane Josepha Plymley, bur.

Pd. tax thus far.