The Year 1797 Remarkable and Interesting Incidents Relative to Tewkesbury Dyde 1798

In December 1797, in consequence of the appointment of Colonel Dowdeswell to the government of the Bahama islands, his seat in parliament for this borough was vacated; and Christopher Codrington, Peter Moore, and George Tollet, esqrs. were candidates to succeed him. Mr. Codrington was elected by a very considerable majority, but a rumour having prevailed, that he had been previously appointed one of the bailiffs of the borough, Mr. Moore, on the ground of that report, again presented a petition to the House of Commons, complaining of an undue election.
This petition came to be heard before a committee, appointed for that purpose, in the month of May following, when it appearing, on the examination of Mr. Moore’s own evidence, that there was not the least foundation for such petition, his Counsel, on the second day, declined proceeding any further, when the committee resolved that Mr. Codrington was duly elected, and that the petition was frivolous and vexatious.

By the former determination, the right of election for the borough is finally settled.

Mr. Moore petitioned against the determination in respect to the right of election, under the Stat. of 28 Geo. III. c . 52, but withdrew his petition.

Source: The History and Antiquities of Tewkesbury by W. Dyde. Second Edition; Tewkesbury 1798

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