Painswick Gell and Bradshaw Gloucestershire Directory 1820

Baker Charles, agent and land surveyor
Baylis Wm. clothier, Castle hale
Baylis Edward, ditto
Bayliss John, ditto
Beard Thomas, cooper and pump maker
Beard Henry, boot and shoe maker
Beard Robert, victualler, Lamb Inn
Beavins Joseph, tailor
Burt Joseph, grocer and tea dealer
Bliss Thomas, joiner and builder
Box Mrs. Elizabeth, Butt green
Bransford Edward, victualler, Falcon Inn
Brezill Sarah, linen draper, and circulating library
Browning Wm. tallow chandler, Vicarage land
Button Mrs. school for young ladies, White-hall cottageCaruthers E. Esq. Brown’s hill
Christie Alexander, draper and grocer
Cook Henry, joiner and shopkeeper
Cook John, farmer, Greenhouse
Cook John, parish clerk
Cox John, clothier, Olives
Cox John sen. miller, Tocknells
Cox Mrs. Damsells
Cox Wm. clothier
Davis Joseph, coal merchant, Weshwell house
Drake Wm. tailor
Driver Nathaniel, clothier, Slade
Fawcett Thomas, shopkeer, Cross
Fletcher Welsh, Esq. Painswick house
Fletcher Doctor, Ebworth park
Flower Thomas, farmer, Edge
Frankis John, butcher
Gardener Samuel, carrier
Gardener Wm. grocer, Vicarage lane
Gardener Victualler, Horsepools
Garlick Rev. George, Minister of the Independent Chapel
George King, farmer, Day hill
George Mr. T. Hale Farm
Gerrish, farmer, Holcomb
Glover Thomas, hat maker, Cross
Goddard Samuel, glover, gardener, and shopkeeper
Grimes Samuel, farmer, greenhouse lane
Gyde Charles, dyer
Gyde Daniel, baker
Harmis Richard, boot and shoe maker
Hardy John, machine maker and timber merchant
Harris Josiah, farmer, Coxhead
Harris Joseph, farmer, Will farm
Heague John, grocer and tea dealer
Heague Thomas, gent. Butt green
Hicks, clothier, Button’s buildings
Hinton Wm. grocer, Vicarage lane
Hitchins Thomas, victualler, Star, watch and clock maker
Hogg Mrs. Sarah
Hogg Wm. butcher
Holder Samuel, grocer
Holder Wm. butcher
Hollister Thomas Short, plumber, glazier, and painter, Vicarage lane
Horlick John, gent.
Hughes John, joiner and builder, Butt green
Humpage John, surgeon
Humpage Mrs. Croft house
Jacob Samuel, hair dresser
Jacob John, gent.
Jones John, Cheese factor
Kemp Charles, contractor of roads
Lake, Esq. Castle Godwin
Lambert John, gent.
Leman Mary, carrier
Lodge Wm. grocer and tea dealer
Long John, blacksmith
Loveday Capt. Phillip, Atlas Sloop of War, Box Edge Hall
Loveday John, Esq. Holcomb
Loveday Thomas, maltster, The Mill
Loveday Thomas, farmer, Brown’s hill
Loveday Henry, maltster, New street
Loveday Henry, maltster, Church yard
Loveday Ann, post-mistress
Mason Miss Mary
Mason Mr. clothier
Matthias Charles, Esq. Paradise-house
Merrell Daniel, baker
Merrett Joseph, chair-maker
Mills Samuel, farmer
Musty Henry, butcher
Musty Thomas, Holcomb
Neville Rev. Charles, Vicarage
Organ James, New Inn, and farmer
Palling John, clothier, sheephouse
Parker Robert, town crier
Partridge John, maltster, Rudge
Pegler James, victualler, Bell Inn
Pegler Pegler, Messdames, dressmakers
Phipps Mary, victualler, Golden Hart
Powell Daniel, botanist, florist and seedsman
Powell Zachariah, woollen manufacturer
Pratt Wm. baker
Puller Richard, Esq. Court house
Rice Nathaniel, organist, Clatter grove
Richings, W. and T. farmers, Washwell barn
Roberts Mrs. Lanthorne house
Savory James, millwright
Scott Daniel, farmer, Beach
Skinner John, miller
Simms William, butcher
Smith Lady, Stein’s bridge
Smith Thomas, saddler
Smith Mrs. Stein’s Bridge, Slade
Spring Daniel, timber merchant, Spring’s mill
Tufley, farmer, Trill gate
Verrinder Wm. smith, Budd green
Viner, Esq. Wick street
Wallop John, gent. Holcomb
Walker Thomas, clothier
Ward T. R. commercial academy
Webb Christopher, gardener and seedsman
West Wm. farmer, Park house
Weston Richard, farrier and smith
Wheeler John, bookbinder
White Joseph, clothier
White John, clothier, Sheepscomb
Wight Robert, clothier
Wood Samuel, clothier
Wood James, grocer, and boot and shoe maker
Wood Nathaniel, clothier, Cap mill
Wood Thomas, ditto, Dory’s mill
Wood Benjamin, Stein’s bridge

Source: The Gloucestershire Directory; R. Gell & T. Bradshaw; Printed by J. Roberts, Gloucester 1820


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