Henley in Arden and Wootton Wawen Directory The History Topography and Directory of Warwickshire 1830

Directory of Henley-in-Arden, Wootton Wawen, and the surrounding Neighbourhoods.

Where the Town is not mentioned, the principal or first named (Henley) is intended.


Adley John, tailor

Adcock George, butcher

Allibrand John, baker

Arnold Catherine, straw hat manufacturer

Arnold John, boot and shoe maker

Arnold Mr.

Ashmore John, sadler and harness and collar maker

Ashmore Elizabeth, victualler


Baker Francis, tailor, Wotton Wawen

Barker Stephen, grocer and druggist

Basford John, painter, plumber, and glazier

Bott Mrs.

Bresby M., tinman

Brinton John, farmer, Wotton Wawen

Brown Samuel, surgeon, proprietor of the Stone House Private Lunatic Asylum, and High Bailiff

Burman Rich., grocer

Burman Rich., linen and woollen draper, &c.

Burman James P., surgeon, (F.R.C.) proprietor of the private Lunatic Asylum

Burrell John, vict. Wotton Wawen


Chamberlain M., farmer, Wotton Wawen

Cartwright Rev. Theodore, Preston

Chambers Henry, tanner

Chambers Wm., tanner

Chambers Wm., farrier

Chatterley M., carpenter

Choice John, farmer, Wootton

Cook M. gent.

Cooper Edward, gent.

Cooper Edw. Jun. surveyor, &c.

Cooper Thos. surveyor of taxes, (lmpsley)

Cooper Wm. surveyor of taxes, maltster, &c.

Collins David, victualler

Coppage George, bricklayer

Corfield Rich. vict. Beaudesert

Craddock Eliz. straw hat maker


Ellis Rev. J. rector of Wotton Wawen

Etkins Laun. farmer, Wotton Wawen

Evans Rob. farmer, Wotton Wawen


Fox Francis, Wotton Wawen

Featherstone Charles, Esq. Packwood House

Ferror Mrs. Aylesbury House

Finden Wm. butcher


Gibbs Mrs. farmer, Wotton

Gibbs Rich. miller

Godfrey Jos. sadler and harness maker

Goodman Joseph, druggist, grocer, and tallow chandler

Greaves Thomas

Griffis Henry, wheelwright

Green Mary, butcher

Green Rich. butcher

Guy Thos. farmer, Whitley


Hadley John, tailor and habit maker

Heming Wm. carpenter

Heming Wm. victualler

Harper James, cabinet maker

Haywood Peter Henry, White Swan Commercial Inn and Posting House, and Excise office

Hodgkins Wm. gardener and shopkeeper

Holmes Wm. Esq. Beoley Hall

Hoitt John, brewer and victualler

Hoitt Samuel, bookseller, stationer, stamp office, and County Fire Office

Hoitt Samuel, miller, maltster, and chief constable

Hoitt Samuel, postmaster

Hollis John, farmer

Horsley Mr.

Horsley Mrs. And Miss

Horton Benj. grocer and general shopkeeper

Hough Edward, linen and Wollen draper, &c.

Hurlestone Wm. victualler


Ingram Wm. Esq. Nuthurst


Jennings Michael, victualler

Johnson Miss, ladies seminary

Jones T. W. surgeon

Joyner Geo. chair maker


Knight Robert, Esq. Barrell’s House

King Bolton, Esq. Umberslade Hall


Laughton John, Excise officer

Lewis John, tailor

Lewis James, cooper

Lewis Wm. hoop maker

Lea Wm. Welch, solicitor

Lea Thomas, Esq.

Lafanu Mrs.

Lane and Goodman, needle makers

London Rich. auctioneer and surveyor

London R. W. printer

London Wm. and Son, auctioneers

London Wm. cabinet maker and carpenter

Lucas John, maltster

Lucas Simon, corn miller

Lucas Samuel, farmer, Wotton


Maries John, shoemaker

Miles Geo. ironmonger


Nash John Foord, Wootton

Newey John, mealman

Newey Mrs. Victualler

Nicholls Wm. victualler

Noble Charles Crooke, attorney


O’Donnell John, tinplate worker


Palmer Thomas, painter, plumber, and glazier

Parker Rev. S. H. gentleman’s boarding academy

Parkes Wm.

Parkes Humphrey, victualler

Packwood Richard, tailor

Peashall Rich. Sam. Oldborough

Pratt Edw. Smith and farrier

Pratt John, boot and shoe maker

Peashall Rev. Samuel Doyley, Morton Bagot

Perks Mrs.

Phillips – Esq. Edson House

Pratt John, shoemaker


Quinton M. linen draper, &c.


Ratcliff Wm. coal merchant

Rimmer Maria, milliner and dress maker

Russell Wm.

Russell Wm. T. linen and woollen draper, hosier, glover, &c.

Richards Joseph Johnson, preparer and proprietor of the constitution water for the stone and gravel


Sarsons Wm. maltster, baker and miller

Shakespeare James, shoemaker

Simmons John, clock and watch maker

Smith John, boot and shoe maker

Smith John, farmer, May’s Hill

Smith Joseph, maltster

Smith Jno. surgeon

Sneppe Thos. Esq.

Spooner Wm. basket and Sieve maker

Stockley Thomas, tailor


Tarleton John, farmer

Tarleton Mrs.

Tarplee William, chair maker & bleeder with leeches

Taylor Wm. blacksmith

Thomas Wm. farmer

Troth John, bricklayer

Tomes Thomas, blacksmith

Tovey Joliff, deputy constable

Tyler Samuel, farmer


Wakefield Thos. cooper

Walford Wm. boot and shoe maker

Walton James, grazier

Walton John, victualler

Ward Rev. P.S. rector, Henley

Warmington Richard, dealer in earthenware, &c.

Wilkins Thomas, tailor

Willey Willoughby, victualler

Wright Mrs.

Wylde Rev. Rob. Claverton

Whittington John, farmer, Wootton

Whittington Thomas, farmer, Wootton

Wilson Wm. farmer, Wootton

Wilson Messrs. Farmers, Wotton

Post Office

Samuel Hoitt, Post Master.
Letters despatched to London every afternoon at four, & arrive every morning at 9. Letters despatched to Birmingham every morning at nine, and arrive every afternoon at four.


To London, the Union, (from Birmingham) every Evening at five o’clock; the Oxonian every morning at seven, both go through Oxford, Uxbridge, &c. The Prince every evening at half-past eight. The Triumph every morning at half-past seven, both go through Oxford, &c.

To Birmingham, the Union, (from London) every morning at five. The Prince every morning at five. The Oxonian every day at one. The Triumph every evening at seven. The Oxford Day loach (from Oxford) every evening at four. The Paul Pry (from Stretford-on-Avon) every Thursday morning at eight. The Shamrock, (from W. John’s, Beaudesert) every Monday and Thursday morning at half past seven.

To Oxford, the Oxford Day Coach, (from Birmingham) Thursday evening at 8 o’clock.

To Stratford, the Paul Pry, (from Birmingham) Thursday evening at 8 o’clock.

To Warwick, the Shamrock, (from W. John’s, Beaudesert, every morning at eight.


To London, John Jolly, calls at the Golden Cross every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday; and Pickford and Co. by Canal.

To Birmingham, John Jolly, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Wm. Turner every Wednesday; both call at the above inn. John Howes, from his own house, every Monday and Thursday. Wm. Johns, from his house Beaudesert, on the same day.

To Bristol, Wm. Turner, calls at the Golden Cross every Thursday.

To Warwick. John Howes, from his house every Saturday; and Wm. Johns, from his house Beaudesert, the same day.

Source: The History Topography and Directory of Warwickshire 1830. Wm. West. Printed and Published by R. Wrightson, Athenaeum, New-Street; and sold by Baldwin and Craddock, and Hurst, Chance and Co., London. 1830.