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Jan. 10. William Cooper, B., & Mary Ann Davies, S. Lic. Wit. Thomas Cooper, Elizth. Davies.

Jan. 24. Edward Tuston & Margaret Smith; by J. K. Charlton, Curate of Shawbury. Wit: William Madeley, Harriet Haman.

Jan. 31. Samuel Owen & Hannah Jebb; by Thomas Evans, off. minister. Wit: William Jebb, Martha Hill.

Feb. 7. George Hines, B., & Elizabeth Smith, widow; by Thomas Evans, off. Minister. Wit: John Medlicott, Elizabeth Bennett.

Feb. 21. William Evans, B., & Sarah Grindley, S. Wit: George Evans, Ann Grindley,

Apr. 25. William Lloyd & Martha Hill. Wit: Samuel Owen, Hannah Owen.

May 23. Joseph Davies & Martha Wilkinson. Wit: Richard Beech, Jane Jones.

May 31. John Large & Elizabeth Cooper, Lic. Wit: Charles Large, Ann Cooper.

Oct. 2. John Felton, B., & Melona Meredith, S. Lic. Wit: Joseph Dolphin, Anne Dolphin.

[End of Vol.]

Weddings, Vol. III. (Part). [Vol. 12.]

1837 Cont.

Oct. 3. John Felton, of full age, B., Farmer, Rowton, (Father) -. Felton, Farmer, and Melona Meredith, of full age, Sp., Housekeeper, Rowton. (Father) William Meredith, Butcher. By J. Meredith, Curate [No signature of parties or witnesses].

Oct. 11. Humphrey Hughes, of full age, B., Butcher, Shrewsbury, (Father) William Hughes, Farmer, and Anne Cooper, of full age, Sp., Sleap. (Father) John Cooper, Farmer. Wit: John Large, Elizabeth Large.

Oct. 16. Richard Stanton, of full age, B., labourer, Ercall Mill, (Father) John Stanton, Labourer, and Elizabeth Gotham, of full age, spinster, servant, Ercall Hall, (Father) James Gotham, Labourer. Wit: Edward Gotham, Anne Gotham.

Nov. 15. Edward Dovaston, of full age, B., Labourer, Sugdon. (Father’s name not given), and Ellen Peplow, of full age, Sp., Servant, Marsh Green. (Father) Samuel Peplow, Labourer. Wit: William Blakemore, Margaret Fletcher.