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S. is throughout used as the abbreviation for Shrewsbury, and s. for “son of”.  The expression “s. same” means “son of a father named and described similarly to the father of the last apprentice.”

Inge Richard, s. Rev. William, of (blank), Staffs. 1776

Ireland Edward, s. Samuel, of S., draper. 1666

Jandrall Randal (bap. 28 Dec. 1656), s. John, of Church Pulverbatch. 1672

Jeffries John (19), s. John, of Cirencester, gent., decd. 1625

Jenkins Thomas, s. Thomas, late of S., esq., decd. 1731

Jenkinson Thomas. 1810

Jennings Bartholomew, s. Philip, of Dudleston. 1609

Jennings John, s. Richard, of Stone, decd. 1681

Jennings John, s. John, of S., draper. 1699

Jennings Timothy, s. same. 1701

Jevon Daniel (17), s. Richard, of Sedgley, Staffs., gent. 1630

Jevon Thomas (bap. St. Mary’s, S. 7 Aug. 1641), s. Daniel, of S., draper. 1658

Jevon Richard, s. same. 1659

Jevon Benjamin, s. same. 1668

Jones William, s. John, of S., butcher. Free 1608

Jones Isaac, s. William, of Chilton, gent. 1626

Jones Gilbert, s. Edmund, of Welshpool, gent., decd. 1628

Jones Thomas, s. William, of Chilton, gent. 1646

Jones Joshua, s. Griffith, of S., maltster. 1667

Jones John (bap. 18 Mar. 1650), s. Richard, of Yockleton, butcher. 1667

Jones Richard, s. same. 1671

Jones Samuel (bap. 30 May 1659), s. Isaac, of S., draper. 1675

Jones George, s. Thomas, late of Prees, gent., decd. 1694

Jones Thomas, s. William, of Chilton, gent. 1703

Jones Edward, s. Edward, of Trelydan, Montg., gent., decd. 1703

Jordan William, s. Edward, of Woolston, gent. 1651

Jordan John (26), s. same. 1661

Juckes William, s. George, of Buttington, Montg., gent. 1617

Juckes Edward, s. Thomas, of Trewern, Montg., gent. 1650

Keffin John, s. Griffith, of Garthbeibio, Montg. 1610

Kettilby Joshua (b. 23 Nov. 1644), s. Robert, of Neen Savage, gent. 1661

King George, s. John, of Birmingham, gent. Free 1611

King John, s. William, of S., draper. 1616

Kinnersley William, s. Hercules, of Cleobury North, gent. 1645

Knight John (18), s. Thomas, of S., draper. 1630

Kynaston Edward (bap. Overton Maddox, Flint, 22 Feb. 1642), s. Edward, of Welsh Lee, gent. 1659

Kynaston Humphrey (16), s. John, of Bryngwyn, Montg., esq. 1663

Kynaston John (bap. July 1650), s. Edward, of Lee, Ellesmere, gent. 1667

Kynaston Edward, s. Edward, late of S., draper, decd. 1692

[The year shown is in each case that of apprenticeship, except where the word "Free” occurs before it; then it means that the man’s name was recorded in the Minute Book as being admitted that year, although no record of his apprenticeship is contained in the Register; where he obtained admission by other means that apprenticeship, as some occasionally would by fine (i.e. purchase) or for services to the Company, the fact is noted in brackets.  Years are given according to the modern reckoning of the year from the 1st January, except that those of birth or baptism are given as certified (normally as reckoning the year from Ladyday).  If noted in the margin of the Register, the apprentice’s age or date of birth or baptism is here added in brackets after his Christian name.  a bundle of certificates of baptism of the mid-seventeenth century is still in the Company’s possession.  The notes in the Register have been checked with these, and any further details the latter contain as to place of baptism and mother’s name have been added.]