Rodington Marriages 1813 to 1824

Register of Marriages From 1813 to 1837

[All the parties are “of this parish” unless otherwise stated.]


Feb. 2. Arthur Shingler and Mary Barnet, of par. of Upton Magna. W.: Joseph Peters, Elizabeth Cooke.

May 3. William Keay and Ann Nash. W.: William Nash, Mary Rice.

Dec. 31. John Williams and Elizabeth Hatton. W.: John Mainwaring, Ann Williams.


Aug. 29. John Evans and Mary Banks. W.: Richard Ursgate, Mary Mullins.

Sep. 18. Richard Hamlington and Susannah Bright. W.: John Bullock, Elizabeth Bullock, Richard Ursgate.


Nov. 7. Thomas Higgins, of par. of Middleton, co. Lancs., and Maria Passand. W.: John Higgins, Eleanor Hulse.


June 5. Samuel Chilton and Sarah Hazledine. W.: Cornelius Hasldine, Ann Jarrott.


Apr. 2. Richard Joy, of par. of Wellington, co. Salop, and Elizabeth Davies. W.: Jonathan Swan, Mary Rice.

May 4. Samuel Beest Hodges and Eleanor Hulse. W.: Jos. Hodgkiss, Sarah Hodges.

May 22. John Evans and Elizabeth Bullock. W.: Robert Hazledine, Jane Hughes.


Feb. 2. Samuel Smith and Sarah Hodges. W.: John Smith, Jane Padock.

Feb. 28. John Phillips and Sarah Dabbs. W.: Robert Dabbs, Elizabeth Dabbs.

Sep. 29. John Adams and Elizabeth Turner. W.: Edward Ingram, Margaret Phillips.


Mar. 22. William Pitchford and Elizabeth Allen, of par. of Upton Magna. W.: William Allen, Emma Elsmere, Richard Elsmere, Anne Minor, Andrew Minor.


Jan. 22. Sampson Griffiths and Elizabeth Pearce. W.: John Pearce, Mary Pearce.

May 8. James Wyke and Ann Price. W.: Richard Wyke, Mary Wyke.

May 15. Thomas Pugh and Mary Pearce. W.: William Pearce, Ann Pearce.

June 21. Edward Vickars and Mary Dodd. W.: Samuel Jones, Martha Hill.

Oct. 15. Charles Bowdler and Margaret Winn. W.: John Palin, Ann Wynn.


Mar. 20. George Keay, of par. of Upton Magna, and Elizabeth Dabbs. W.: William Dabbs, Phebe Dabbs.

May 22. John Sadler and Tamer Lloyd. W.: Thomas Sadler, Harriet Wooley.

July 24. Richard Pearce and Mary Dutton. W.: Richard Jones, Catherine Houldstone.


[No marriages listed]