Yate Bennetts Business Directory 1899

Brown T, boot & shoe warehouse, Sunnyside.  Boots made to order. Repairs of kinds neatly executed
Codrington Arms, Acton Lane – J Washbourne
Collins H, grocer, Acton Lane
Common Inn, Dyer Lane – W Dyer
Cross Keys, Acton Lane
Daniel J, butcher, Station rd
Davis J, grocer, Station rd
Dixon J, grocer, Goose Green
Fletcher J, engineer
Gowen H, carpenter, Westerleigh rd
Heaven W, baker, Station rd
Higg D, bootmaker, Goose Green
Hirdson W, carpenter, Goose Green
Hudson J, builder
Iles F, builder, Station rd
Pearce G, blacksmith, Station rd
Ponting C, tailor
Post Office – W Aldon
Powell W J, builder, carpenter, joiner, undertaker, &c., Station rd. Estimates given for all kinds of work
Railway Hotel, Station rd – S Cox
Shipp W, carpenter, Westerleigh rd
Silk A, carpenter, Yate Rocks
Stockden G, coal mcht, Station rd
Swan Inn, Station rd – W Smith
Taylor S, mason
Washbourne R, beer retailer, Acton Lane
White Lion Hotel, Station rd – J Aureden
Yate Star Military Band – G Davis

Source: Bennetts Business Directory (Gloucestershire Section) 1899; Bennett & Co. Printers and Publishers, Birmingham.


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