Redditch Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Abbott Thomas, farmer

Avery William, smith

Balden Samuel, baker

Bartlett William & Sons, needle makers

Bartlett William, jun. needle maker

Bartlett John, carpenter

Bartlett S. dress maker

Bate T. & J. needle makers

Bayliss T. needle maker

Boulter J. needle maker

Boulton Williams & Son, needle makers

Boulton R. & Son, drapers

Boulton Wm. butcher

Boxidge John, tinman

Bromley C. B. printer &c.

Brown Thomas, baker

Brown Martha, school

Carr Barnabas, butcher

Chambers Jas. plumber

Chillingworth & Cooper, needle factors, &c.

Clarke J. fish hook maker

Cooper J. fish hook maker

Court Thos. watch maker

Cox C. E. fishing tackler

Cutler J. coal merchant

Crow J. needle maker

Davis James, saddler

Davis Thomas, hallier

Davis Joseph, shoemaker

Field Wm. needle maker

Field Thos. needle maker

Field John, scourer

Fowkes Thomas, vict.

Fowkes J. shoemaker

Frances T. farmer, &c.

Gibbs Wm. shoemaker

Gittins John, carpenter

Gould W. needle maker

Guardner R. M. solicitor

Hands Thomas, saddler

Hemming R. and Son, needle makers

Holyoake T. & J. needle makers

Holyoake B. needle maker

Horton William, farmer

Houghton M. needle maker

Hulme Rev. Charles

James J. fish hook maker

Ireland Joseph, grocer

Lea Rev. William

Lewis J. smith

Lloyd and Co. needle makers

Lowe John, grocer

Mence Thos. victualler

Millward J. needle maker

Millward Henry, factor

Mitchell William, factor

Moore John, farmer

Morris Edward, carpenter

Parker John, grocer

Peakman J. needle maker

Perkes Edw. needle maker

Perry Thomas, smith

Pratt Alexander, surgeon

Prescott T. needle maker

Reading and Turner, needle makers

Rickards S. tinman

Robinson John, carpenter

Sarsons Benjamin, baker

Sarsons Thomas, farmer

Scambler Charles, baker

Shakle John, tailor

Shrimpton William, needle maker

Shrimpton Peter, needle maker

Smallwood William, needle maker

Smith Thomas, butcher

Smith John, farmer

Sprigg William, draper

Stephens Richard, farmer

Steward Charles, saddler

Swann Charles, factor

Tandy T. needle maker

Taylor Hugh, surgeon

Trubshaw Charles, baker, draper and grocer

Turner J. needle maker

Vaughan Thomas, grocer

Vincent Joseph, farmer

Waring P. hair dresser

Williams J. needle maker

Williams T. needle maker

Willis Herbert, victualler

Wyers S. needle maker

Wyes Henry, plumber

Yoxall W. fishing tackler

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.


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