Lower Mitton Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Bennett Thomas, vict.

Broad John, farmer

Bold Mary, gentlewoman

Bates Wm., carpenter

Beard Elizabeth, owner

Bayliss Benjamin, owner

Crane Samuel, farmer

Cole John, carpenter

Cole Thomas, carpenter

Caster John, tanner

Corbett Thomas, owner

Chambers Michael, machine maker

Chambers Robt., machine maker

Drew Thos., boat builder

Devilly Wm., carpenter

Dickens John, gent.

Dickens John, jun., owner

Foliott Mrs., gent.

Glover John, gent.

Hipwood J., boat builder

Hipwood T., boat builder

Harsnet Mrs., wheelwright

Higgens Joseph, owner

James Harry, smith

Jones Thomas, grocer

Jones William, sail maker

Jones J., severn captain

Jeffs Thomas, carpenter

Meredith John, vict.

Masefield Edw., chaise keeper

Nichols Mrs., school

Parr Mrs., farmer

Price Herbert, owner

Perks Wm., stone mason

Parker Zech, maltster

Rankin T., schoolmaster

Robinson & Co., carriers

Ryan John, gent.

Roberts Penelope, school

Stanley Rev. Jacob

Stringer John, jun. vict.

Smith A., bricklayer

Sheriff John, bricklayer

Trow Wm., coal dealer

Webb Thos., coal dealer

Youngjohns Rd., coach proprietor

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.


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