Walcot Cummembris Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Walcot Cummembris, near Pershore, containing 41 houses. And 239 inhabitants.

Andrews Joseph, gardener

Badger Thos. gardener

Bradbury Edw. Gardener

Checketts John, farmer

Cole Edward, smith

Cole John, farmer

Corbett Matthew, farmer

Dance William, farmer

Darke Richard, farmer

Day Thomas, farmer

Deakin Isaac, gardener

Ewins John, gardener

Fowler Michael, farmer

Green John, pig dealer

Harris Thomas, farmer

Harris Samuel, miller

Harris Wm. gardener

Hawkes John, gent.

Hitchings D. farmer

Lockley John, farmer

Lloyd Thomas, farmer

Merrell James, farmer

Mills Thomas, gardener

Nickson Thos. gardener

Osbourne Thomas, farmer

Osbourne John, gardener

Palfrey J. gardener

Pardoe John, gardener

Perkins John, gardener

Purser Isaac, farmer

Sheerwood Wm. gardener

Skinner Elizabeth, farmer

Smithen Benj.. farmer

Stone John, farmer

Tovey William, farmer

Tyler William, gardener

Whitaker Thomas, gent.

Woodward Thomas, gent.

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820


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