Powick Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Powick 2 miles from Worcester, on the Malvern road, containing 295 houses, and 1172 inhabitants.

Addis Thomas, glazier

Baker Fanny, farmer

Barton Widow, farmer

Batham Dr. Christopher

Benbow Thomas, farmer

Blew John, esq.

Carless Walter, esq.

Caswell John, farmer

Caswell Edmund, vict.

Constable H., blacksmith

Crane Samuel, esq.

Dalby Thomas, farmer

Denny Sir Edward, Bart.

Denny William, esq.

De Visme Andrew, farmer

Dudley William, esq.

Edwards John, farmer

Evans Richard, farmer

Fidoe John, gent.

Finch Mary, shopkeeper

Finch Thomas, farmer

Finch John, farmer

Forrest Mrs. gentlewoman

Goodyear John, gent.

Gorle Richard, farmer

Grainger E., schoolmaster

Haines Thos., shoemaker

Hartwright Wm. farmer

Herbert John, farmer

Herbert Edmund, farmer

Herbert Martha, farmer

Hide James, farmer

Hill Richard, farmer

Hopkins Mrs. farmer

Hussey Thos. shoemaker

Hunt Robert, farmer

Inns John, farmer

Jolley James, farmer

Jones James, farmer

Jones William, farmer

Lane Joseph, farmer

Leech Thomas, farmer

Leech Thos. jun. farmer

Lewis Richard, farmer

Mason John, farmer

Mealy John, farmer

Meyrick James, farmer

Moore Mrs. vict.

Newton Miss, farmer

Nichols Thomas, farmer

Nuttall Robert, esq.

Partington Thos. farmer

Prosser John, farmer

Rainsford Ann, gent.

Russell J. S. esq.

Shallard Thomas, farmer

Shepperd James, farmer

Solloway Wm. farmer

Steel Thomas, mason

St. Aubyn Rev. Mr.

Surman Robert, farmer

Taylor Joseph, tailor

Thompson Abraham, esq.

Tombs Wm. carpenter

Tompkins F. beast leech

Tulley J. hop merchant

Turner Samuel, farmer

Turner James, butcher

Twinberrow Mrs. farmer

Tyler James, farmer

Wall Thomas, farmer

Wall John, farmer

Wall George, farmer

Wattis James, farmer

Williams Eliz. farmer

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.


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