Kington Worcestershire Marriages 1813 to 1836

Volume IV.

Robert Arnall, b., p. Naunton Beauchamp, & Mary Burford, s., p. K., lic., 25 Feb. 1813

Thomas Smith, b., p. Grafton Flyford, & Mary Dyke, s., p. K., lic., 8 July 1813

George King, b., p. Salford, co. Warwick, & Ann Curnock, s., of K., lic., 27 Oct. 1813

Joseph Andrews, b., & Mary Bennett, s., 24 Oct. 1814

Joseph Drinkwater, b., p. Twining, co. Gloucs., & Hannah Baker, s., lic., 5 Oct. 1820

John Wheeler, b., & Ann Holmes, s., 2 July 1821

William Bowker, b., & Elizabeth Holmes, s., 6 Oct. 1821

Thomas Hoddoms, b., & Susanna Murrell, s., 22 July 1822

William Howell, b. p. Rous Lench, & Maria Bennett, s., p. K., 31 Oct. 1822

John Kings, b., & Dorothy Lea, s., 12 May 1823

William Bennett, b., p. North Piddle, & Ann Murrell, s., p. K., 25 Nov. 1823

James Giddus, b., & Mary Ann Badger, s., 30 May 1825

William Baker, b., & Maria Matthews, s., lic., 27 Sept. 1827

Henry Southall, b., & Elizabeth Goore, s., lic., 18 Oct. 1827

George Brookes, b., p. North and Middle Littleton, & Elizabeth Ryland, s., p. K., lic., 20 Dec. 1830

John Hemming, b., & Martha Reeves, 22 Nov. 1836

Source: Worcester Parish Registers. Marriages. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., and W. F. Carter, B. A. Vol. I. London: Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co. 124 Chancery Lane. 1901.


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